Teufelin und Höllenschlampe – von britischen Zweitfrauen über Erstfrauen für Zweitfrauen

Der britische Second Wives Club sucht weitere Beiträge für ein Buch mit gesammelten Geschichten zum Thema: British Second Wives’ Stories.

Sara’s Story

The ex-wife (whom i shall refer to as the Devil Woman loathes and despises me with a passion and she has been a screaming banshee as long as we have been together. In the beginning I put up with a lot of nasty phone calls and abusive texts from her – most of which I ignored with a dignified silence

Caroline’s Story

I can’t believe I’ve found this club….finally a place where I can explain how I feel about the woman I shall refer to as a Bitch from Hell.

We see the kids every other weekend without fail and we are always very flexible on times, days etc. And me and the kids get on really, really well. Also to the disgust of the Bitch!

However, since we have been together the amount of problems we have had is unbelievable.

For example, she rings in the middle of the night when she has had a fight with her new boyfriend and expects my fiancé to talk through her problems with her! She does this because she knows we will be in bed together and that it will really upset me.

If things don’t go her way she threatens to stop us seeing the kids; the most recent one is she is moving them to Germany! She’s never left her home town so how she hopes to move to Germany I will never know!

Also the woman doesn’t work…..he pays 25% of his wages in maintenance and the tax payer pays her rent. In my opinion she uses the kids to get as much money as she can and then palms them off onto anybody who will have them so that she can go out on the town. She is 35 years old and very irresponsible.

That leads me on to another important point….whilst they we still together Bitch from Hell made my fiancé have a vasectomy. I am only 22 and obviously we now want to have kids of our own. It is going to be very very expensive to have a vasectomy reversal but if we want to have our own children then that’s what we will have to do.

Abigail’s Story

(…) from day one she did her absolute utmost to get the children to despise me, and to try to split my husband and I up. I was alright to look after the children so that she didn’t have to, but they weren’t allowed to love, or like me. She told my stepdaughter (2 years old at the time) that if she hugged or kissed me she would get a disease and die. The abuse through the children went on, and on my stepson’s first day at school she turned up (we had no idea she would be there, otherwise I would not have!) and started threatening to ‘knock me out’ in the playground amongst all the parents.

(…) a year and a half later when my husband couldn’t collect the children, and told her in advance I would be collecting the children (to which she supposedly had no problem) she stood screaming at her window with the children at her side, swearing and yelling that I wasn’t named on the court order, I had no right to collect the children, and she would not give them to me. Fine, I walked away. Two days later I had the police ringing my doorbell arresting me for supposedly scratching her car. The charges were dropped as they were obviously false, and retaliation for me daring to try to collect the children.

When my husband and I got engaged, she told the children that daddy wouldn’t love them anymore now that he was going to marry me, and when they didn’t believe that she told them that when we got married, daddy was going to stop her from being their mummy, and was going to force them to have me instead. Unfortunately for her, they both took this as a positive!

The handovers of the children were getting more and more volatile at the ex’s house. When she came to our house the children were sent straight out without my husband or I coming out, but at her house my husband had to run the gauntlet of the ex and her family standing, holding back the children whilst they screamed and spat at him, threatening him with violence. It got so bad that we didn’t want her on our property and the nursery agreed to us dropping the children off with them, and the ex collecting them 20 minutes later. This worked well until the day when the ex turned up with her sister 25 minutes before she was supposed to, and lay in wait for us. I was carrying my step daughter, my husband had my stepson, and neither of us had seen the ex until she came up behind me, spun me round, punched me, and ripped stepdaughter from me. We rang the police, who unbelievably would not get involved because it was a ‘domestic issue’ and a week later I had a leaflet posted to me from the police department with a list of all the resources that were available to me as a woman with a violent partner, and that I didn’t have to suffer in silence. Amazing!

Alison’s Story

(…) every time she spoke to him she wished him dead saying she hoped he’d crash his car and die, she had a vile mouth and a violent temper, she didn’t think twice about spitting in his face or throwing a wine glass at him. (…)

Alisons Geschichte ist als ganze zitierenswert, nachlesen kann man sie hier.


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