Are fathers optional? by Amy Tuteur, M.D.

Judging by their behavior, American women appear to think that fathers are optional. According to the recently published birth statistics (Births: Final Data for 2006), the proportion of births to unmarried women has reached 38.5%, the highest rate ever recorded.

… more than ¼ of white children, ½ of Hispanic children, and almost ¾ of black children were born to mothers who did not feel that marriage was necessary. Since marriage reflects the commitment of mother and father to stay together permanently, it means that a large proportion of women chose to give birth without taking steps to make sure that the father would live with his child and be a permanent presence in his or her life.

The loss of a parent, through abandonment or divorce breaks a child’s heart. It is unspeakably self indulgent for a parent to think that he or she has a right to break a child’s heart merely to pursue his or her own fulfillment.

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Lesenswert ist auch der Kommentarbereich, in dem die Autorin, eine Gynäkologin und Geburtshelferin, konsequent ein Musterbeispiel für unerschütterliche Unbeeindrucktheit von allen zeitgeistigen Opportunismen narzißtischer Art gibt. – Erholsam!


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