Das Sakrament der Hexen (1)- Lila Würmer

Die lila Würmer mit den weißen Schleifen

Es gibt da eine Spezies unter den Feministranten, die eine Variation des Stöckelschuhfetischismus, Masochismus und ihre Geschlechtsidentität betreffenden Minderwertigkeitskomplex projektiv ausagieren –  die ihren Beichtmüttern gelobt haben, die kleinen Buben und jungen Männer zu Erbschuldnern und reuigen Büßern der feministischen Ursünde des XY-Chromosomensatzes umzuerziehen. Damit man sie, wie sie meinen, als geläuterte Unschuldige erkennt, tragen sie ein weißes Schleifchen am Revers und veranstalten Konferenzen, wo sie diskutieren, wie sie sich von ihren Herrinnen am lustvollsten die Leviten lesen lassen können. Wie es der Zweck der masochistischen Selbstdemütigung ist, machen sie damit den Dominas wider willen, die eigentlich bloß Anklägerinnen und Richterinnen mit der Unantastbarkeit der Würde des Tribunals spielen möchten, mitten im Richterzimmer die diskursive Hölle heiß:
The Question of Accountability in Feminism

One of the buzz words that kept coming up at the pro-feminist men’s conference at St. John’s last week was accountability. How can men be accountable to women? How can pro-feminist men be accountable to the feminist movement?

There were no easy answers. Michael Kaufman, founder of the White Ribbon Campaign, wisely debunked the idea that there is some all-powerful feminist committee who serve as the accountability police. Obviously it is a diverse movement filled with folks who would consider some things okay and others offensive–as evidenced by the comment section of this very blog on a daily basis.

On the other hand, it does seem critical for men interested in doing feminist work and identifying with the feminism to be accountable to certain basic ideas–like the notion that men have, for too long, possessed a disproportionate amount of power in our society. This means that in feminist spaces, men should be cognizant of how much they talk, what sort of influence they exert, what kind of leadership they inhabit. But then again, shouldn’t men and women always strive to be cognizant of these things.

And, of course, real accountability would come in creating a world where everyone gets to express their gender identity in whatever way feels most authentic, a world where no one would be forced to exist within a gender binary that didn’t feel right for them. Men and women aside, this is the ultimate dream that we can be accountable for.

Anyone else have ideas about accountability within feminism? I sort of tie myself in knots trying to think through this one.

Posted by Courtney – November 12, 2009

Der bislang letzte von 50 Kommentaren dazu fällt auf Freitag, den 13.:

Marilyn Ferdinand said:

I deeply, deeply resent being called an alleged feminist after 35 years of taking it on the chin for women and seeing Roe v. Wade at the brink of dissolution. Is this what our male allies are helping us fight? Is being aware of one’s privilege really good enough? I don’t think so, not after more than a century of a women’s movement in the United states, not when women are STILL dying over reproductive choice, rape, dometic violence, when women are still making 77 cents on the dollar of a man and still make up a tiny fraction of lawmakers and corporate executives.I know a lot of the women on this site want to nice to the men who care about equity, but what I’m reading from these men is a world where someday men and women will be free to be you and me. This is a big, big problem I have with them and with feminism of the past 20 years that sat back and stopped fighting. I’m an old campaigner. Where are the young warriors who need to get out of their seats and start picketing and working for their women’s rights candidates? If feminists worked as hard as the Obamaniacs did to elect the nation’s first black president, abortion would be a sacrament by now. [Hervorheb. vom Autor] But you didn’t, and now when I’m really weary and ready to step back for the next generation, I’ve got to take to the streets ALL OVER AGAIN. How many of you feminist men are going to take to the streets, and really act up?

Die arme, alte, ganz ganz tief beleidigte Kämpferin, die mit den laxen Feministinnen der letzten 20 Jahre ein ganz ganz großes Problem hat, bestürzt sich über Folgendes: Das Sakrament der Hexen (2) – Blasphemie


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