Women commit 20 percent of sexual child abuse

According to the Danish Exstrabladet experts estimate that 1 in 5 cases of sexual child abuse is committed by women.

– It is my estimate that 20 percent of all assaults are committed by women. Society has a hard time seeing women as offenders, and therefore there is a large dark figure, says Jette Lyager, head of ‘Support Centre against incest in Denmark’, where victims of sexual assault can get help.

Her assessment is backed up by figures from the Norwegian ‘Senter for sexually abusing men’ in Oslo. Here are 30 percent of the 1000 men who have come into the center since its opening in 1998, been abused by women.

A U.S. study from 2005 shows the same trend: 18 percent of the 19,000 Americans who had experienced sexual assault during childhood, had been abused by women.


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