Girls punching boys — punching them hard

The Chicago Tribune writes (via Men’s Activism):

The new she is he

I see it in the school district where I work. Girls punching boys — punching them hard, sometimes out of meanness, sometimes for fun, but still packing a wallop.

It’s been increasing in recent times, with situation comedies either reflecting, or leading, the trend. How did these young people learn this? Has this nastiness come to be OK because boys are supposed to be able to take a punch without showing pain? Or do the boys get the whack because they’re such muttonheads and they have it coming?

Blessed be the one-eyed among the blind!

Congratulations that you do not see boys sexually assaulting girls by throwing themselves into their tender-skinned fists! It needs courage to be so open-eyed, today.

After such audacity it is understandable that the mind got to stay closed when pretending to think about the reasons for such nastiness being accepted. Overexertion can lead to a nervous breakdown.

Therefore after throwing a daring glance at a boy letting himself be hit without hitting back, the teacher, yes such men do act the teacher, has for some ominous reason missed out on the creepy idea to ask the boy why he did not hit back. Everytime so, again and again. Instead he sits down with his daughter to count the instants of violence from girls and boys on each other and on their own sex in tv-comedies. And arrives at the surprising result that girls hit boys much, much more than vice versa. And that girls hit boys much more than girls. And that girls hit more than boys in sum total as well. Not that this little survey is not telling. But obviously it did not help him to find an explanation for the violence of the girls.

He states,

(…) the new writers deal in myths about clueless white males malfunctioning in the modern world and bumbling in relationships.

And asks,

But is making fun of the former privileged class the right way to make up for that group’s past transgressions?

Do you hear yourself? Do you hear your explanation? It’s group punishment for past transgressions. The sons being punished for the sins of the fathers. The sins of the former privileged class! The former oppressed and exploited class hits back. Finally! No, the daughters of the oppressed mothers, the granddaughters of the oppressed grandmothers take revenge!

Yes, the boys have to endure such a man as teacher. Who tells them, in words or not, you are the heirs of the privileged transgressors. You are the sons of the oppressors, the exploiters, the tyrants! Or the grandsons. And there needs to be a making up for the evil you have done, you group, you class!

On people like him the terror against boys which is ingrained and structured into all the education system and in the law and in all social policies is founded and rests and grows and does not stop growing and spreading. On people who take the sexes as political classes, and think in terms of class struggle for the overthrow of the oppressors and the liberation of the oppressed.

People like him are the cruel ilk who do not want to get overly serious when they eventually become aware of the systematic and common mistreatment of men and boys in the public as in the public media. He is one of them directly participating in the proverbial shortchanging of boys in all schools, not only in the US. He is participating in the school system which has boys declared pathological and prescribed mind-altering desensitizing drug like Ritaline or Prozac to spare the teachers the effort to provide the structure boys need for studying with success. He is part of the morally and ethically criminal regime of gynocentric and female supremacist feminist rule of the classroom.

Where has he spent the last 20 years? In coma? Hasn’t he seen the t-shirts with “Girls rule, boys drool” and with “Boys are stupid, throw stones at them”? Hasn’t he heard of the “Violence Against Women Act”? Has he ever asked why there is no “Violence Against Men Act”? Or “Against People”?

Is he unaware of the domestic violence laws and procedures like mandatory arrest of the “primary aggressor”, of the “Duluth model” and its indoctrination of men as the battering class? Is he unaware of campus rape hysteria, of statutory rape definitions putting teenage boys behind bars for having sex with their teenage girlfriends? Has he not learnt of the cases of preteen and even preschool boys accused of sexual assault?

Point a finger, “Boom, you are dead!” and you are supended from school and treated like a criminal offender? He does not think of that climate in the schools and in the education system but calls the boys muffonheads who had it coming? Cynical bigot!

And what a cynical headline! When, for God’s sake, did boys punch girls while these took it in without counter in some very efficient form, like running to the teacher, or crying so miserably that any adult would rush to interfere and punish the boy, or just getting back physically? Or, when did we have tv-comedies where boys would hit girls or men would hit women without consequences, or where girls and women were depicted with any comparable degree of moronic cluelessness? When did we see tv-ads making the demeaning and cruel fun of women we are flooded with daily, now, concerning men?

It has become blasphemy to even modestly criticize women for their bad and troublesome behavior, no matter how realistic and justified the critique. To make fun of the female sex is answered with a storm of protest until the perpetrator apologizes down on his knees. And even then he is pressured to step down from any position of public office or attention, or even risks to be losing his plain office job. You just can’t ridicule her, you cannot dare to offend her, there is no way to risk her feeling hurt, it’s taboo!

And what girls and young women have realized and learnt, there is no way a boy or a man would hit back. You can treat him like a dog in public, slap him, kick him, punch him, pour beer over his head, yell at him, call him any names at all – in the moment he looses his control and makes even merely a verbal move in response to your punching him, a bunch of guys is all over him, threatening him with beating him into a pulp. Because you just can’t say such a word to a lady! And much more so, you just can’t hit a girl!

Even marine hand-to-hand combat trained 200 pound weight lifters do not dare to defend themselves against the attacks of a girl in a bar, husbands do not dare to defend themselves against their wife, what do you think schoolboys can risk who have no way to avoid the punishment of the school authorities?


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