Two women get 20 months in prison for false allegations of rape

To be precise, they got the prison term for perverting the course of justice through false allegations of multiple rape. The judge called them “wicked”. For the fun of it, first a video as linked at Men’s Rights – Reddit: Do not forget to click [CC] closed captions for English subtitles to the Chinese original!

Daily Mail reports on Aug. 26, 2011:

Wicked women who cried rape trapped by three-in-bed photos

Two friends who falsely claimed they were raped were jailed yesterday because the suspect had photos of them all having a threesome.

Jennifer France, 24, and Kelly Weston, a 27-year-old mother, posed for saucy snaps on Enes Gozalan’s bed after meeting him in a pub.

A court heard they later made the false allegations because both had long-term boyfriends and were ashamed of what they had done.

The judge is cited with:

‘By supporting one another with these wicked allegations, you have aggravated matters. This man was at serious risk of being imprisoned for a long period of time, perhaps ten years, perhaps indeterminately.’

A serious flaw in law. In fact, several serious flaws.

Had this man not taken pictures, he would have gone to prison for ten years or perhaps indeterminately. What? Indeterminately? Because they would categorize him as a serial rapist? The series being two women and several rapes on each of them? Not even for murder life in prison is the usual sentence. But, as we see, the honor of a woman counts as much or more than the life of a man or a child, or even her own. Although men get higher sentences for killing a woman than a man.

But the real chill is in the fact that the sex without the pictures would have landed the accused in prison according to the words of the judge. The police assumed there was no rape only because of seeing the pictures on the cell phone. But still there could have been his word against that of the two women. One of the women broke down only in the third interview when being shown the pictures! With a little more coldbloodedness there would have been no punishment for them at all, either he would have been found guilty or, at best,  the case were dropped like that against Strauss-Kahn because the chances to win it seemed too small. If the judge was serious not even the pictures as such would have been enough to set the man free.

The logical consequence for men actually is to never have one-night stands or even any sex with a woman one does not know long enough to speak of a close relationship. Which is irreal as people of both sexes do not wait half a year these days before the first sexual encounter takes place.

Written consents, before and after? To no avail, she can always tell the police she was forced to sign them. And then, what woman in her right mind would accept routine pictures taken each time after intercourse? In fact, indulging in that kind of exhibitionism is a strong indicator of later sociopathic acting out of any remorse or desire to take revenge, from jealousy or just any kind of fight or breakup.

The actual reality of laws and court procedure  has turned sexual relations to women into a game of russian roulette for men. Deny it or take the utmost pains to never ever risk she might get mad at you, much like a slave towards his owner.

And not even marriage can save a man from the very same enslavement, as she can always go to the police and speak of rape exactly as after a short affair. Even many years after dicorce if she so pleases.

How many decades more will men take this outrageous situation with nothing more than a series of rants in men’s rights blogs?

And, how come politics do not care for men’s enslavement? Society does not care? The media do not care either?

Who cared for the enslavement of the niggers before they were called black citizens?


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