Christ to be exiled from dates in Australia’s school history books

The Daily Mail writes:

Australia  is to remove the birth of Jesus as a reference point for dates in school history books.

Under the new politically correct curriculum, the terms BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini) will be replaced with BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era).

The Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, yesterday condemned the move as an ‘intellectually absurd attempt to write Christ out of human history’.

Fox News Radio:

Christians in Australia are accusing national education officials of “Christian cleansing” in response to pending changes in school books that would remove references to the birth of Jesus Christ.

The explanation of the education authority speaks of the use of the CE for C in academic texts having become common in the last part of the 20th century. A mere repetiton of a hypocrisy committed by the most hyprocrite institution of contemporary society. The intention being to hide and deny the reality of dating by Jesus’ birth by using a different term. That is to erect a false facade in order to make disappear what the proponents wrongly take for a provocation to Muslims’ or atheists’ or Hindus’ or Aborigines’ actual or presumed liking for narcissist complaint of being “marginalised” or some such immature crap. These poor little fellows should be spared historical and actual cultural reality. Otherwise they could feel offended by its facts, like the backwardishness of muslim cultures by at least 400 years, their lack of enlightenment, or the utter backwardishness of indigenous cultures which spans 5 000 or 10 000 years.

Face it, it is not the Christian West’s fault! And do not take them for imbeciles, as if they would not be completely clear about their civilizations’ stagnation and backwardishness being their ancestors’ fault and no one else’s. They might be happy or unhappy about it, but it’s you submissive white creeps who suggest to them they should blame Christianity and the West for having advanced technically and philosophically and politically so far ahead of them. Neither Islamic nor Hindu nor any Aboriginee civilizations knew or know pity about other civilizations’ lack of progress, on the contrary, everywhere it was always pride about one’s own superiority and reckless exploit of others’ inferiority, exactly as from the side of the Christian nations. So be proud of avoiding to abuse the inferior cultures, but do not give the embarrassing show of elating them to an illusionary appreciation of equal standing. This is not taking them for serious but belittling them.

The more primitive cultures still have a living sense of warriorship, in which being pitied or self-pitying is rejected as shameful. Do not corrupt them with such a disgrace, or rather stop doing so altogether. You have tempted them already so systematically that many of them have fallen for the role of the victim who is entitled to recompensation in the form of welfare and roundabout support taking away the last bit of pride and dignity.

At the same time you say you want them to be proud of their culture whereas you deny your own people to be proud of theirs. What a mean treatment of your young! They are supposed to walk about with heads lowered in guilt for their ancestors? Shame on you!

And if the corrupt academia would care to think straight, they would understand that talking about Jesus’ birth as the beginning of “common era” is a whole degree more provocative for anyone riding the “poor me” moral blackmailing mount. Speaking of Jesus’ birth as the significant event for a Christian culture with a history of 2000 years of civilizational progress is fitting and justified. To generalize it into equalling it to “common era” declares it constituent and binding to non-Christian cultures as well.


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