Thousands Of Fathers Not Expected To Be Released From Calif. Prisons

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The impending release of thousands of inmates from California state prisons in the next few weeks will include a large number of  mothers who could eventually be reunited with their families.

“On the surface it sounds discriminatory if it doesn’t apply to men as well who are single fathers or primary caregivers,” one man argued. “I would like to see a balance there.”

While an estimated 4,500 female inmates might qualify for the home release program, any expansion of the plan to male inmates would likely be met with stronger public resistance.

Oh yeah, does it sound so on the surface? I’m glad deeper down it sounds perfectly fair and just. Because the state is not supposed to have justice come real when that would likely be met with stronger public resistance.

Long live the new honorable rule of sexism! – It’s popular, you see? It gets votes. Suck it up, jerks! It’s your own fault that you had no sex reassignment surgery, in time, before you committed a crime!

Why, for God’s sake, does no civil rights group sue the authorities for that breach of equal treatment of the sexes?

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