Troy Davis hingerichtet

Die Presse schreibt nichts mehr.

Lesenswert informativ und mit weiterführenden Links der Bericht von CBS News:


Troy Davis executed, supporters cry injustice

JACKSON, Ga. – Strapped to a gurney in Georgia’s death chamber, Troy Davis lifted his head and declared one last time that he did not kill police officer Mark MacPhail. Just a few feet away behind a glass window, MacPhail’s son and brother watched in silence.

Outside the prison, a crowd of more than 500 demonstrators cried, hugged, prayed and held candles. They represented hundreds of thousands of supporters worldwide who took up the anti-death penalty cause as Davis’ final days ticked away.

“I am innocent,” Davis said moments before he was executed Wednesday night. “All I can ask … is that you look deeper into this case so that you really can finally see the truth. I ask my family and friends to continue to fight this fight.”

Prosecutors and MacPhail’s family said justice had finally been served.

Amnesty International USA:

Georgia Kills Troy Davis

After a tense delay of more than 4 hours, the state of Georgia has just killed Troy Anthony Davis.

My heart is heavy.  I am sad and angry.  Georgia’s criminal justice system behaved with the viciousness of a defective machine, relentlessly pursuing his death while ignoring the doubts about his guilt that were obvious to the rest of the world.

Tonight we witnessed an abuse of power that exposed a justice system devoid of humanity, a dysfunctional destructive force in denial about its own deeply embedded flaws.

We could not ultimately stop Georgia’s machinery of death in this case, but the groundswell of activism Troy Davis has generated proves that people are hungry for a better system of justice.  This will be his legacy.  We will fight for a system of justice with more humanity, that accepts the possibility of mistakes, errors, and doubts.  A system of justice that believes that innocence matters.  A system of justice with more justice.

Let’s take a moment to honor the life of Troy Davis and Mark MacPhail. Then, let’s take all of our difficult feelings and re-double our commitment to the abolition of the death penalty.

Die aktuelle Blutrachejustiz in weiteren Beispielen (CBS):

Davis was not the only U.S. inmate put to death Wednesday evening. In Texas, white supremacist gang member Lawrence Russell Brewer was put to death for the 1998 dragging death of a black man, James Byrd Jr., one of the most notorious hate crime murders in recent U.S. history.

On Thursday, Alabama is scheduled to execute Derrick Mason, who was convicted in the 1994 shooting death of convenience store clerk Angela Cagle.

Zitierenswert sind die Äußerungen der Witwe des erschossenen Polizisten (CBS):

Officer MacPhail’s widow, Joan MacPhail-Harris, said it was “a time for healing for all families.”

“I will grieve for the Davis family because now they’re going to understand our pain and our hurt,” she said in a telephone interview from Jackson. “My prayers go out to them. I have been praying for them all these years. And I pray there will be some peace along the way for them.”

Empfehlenswert, den Links im CBS-Artikel nachzugehen:

U.S. executions, by the numbers
White supremacist executed in Texas
The slow death of the death penalty?

Im ersten geht es auch weiter zu AI mit einem auführlichem Überblick über die Todesstrafe weltweit. Der dritte illustriert die Mentalität, auf der die Todesstrafe in den USA begründet ist. Außerdem erfährt man, daß nur 1.9 Prozent der Todeskandidaten Frauen sind, und liest von einer, die heute wohl eine minimale Strafe erhalten hätte dafür, daß sie einen Mann anheuerte, ihren Ehemann umzubringen. Es geht um die Ausrede des Battered Women Syndrome, berümt durch den Fall Mary Winkler:

(…)[T]he highly publicized 2006 trial of Mary Winkler.

Ms. Winkler was convicted of shooting her husband who was a minister in West Tennessee in the back while her children were asleep down the hallway. She had very good retained lawyers, who were able to pay for an expert, who was able to conduct the thorough battered women’s syndrome evaluation that needed to be done in her case.

Winkler was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter, but not only did she not get the death penalty, she served just 210 days for taking a life . . . and when she got out, was granted custody of her children.

She even got to tell her story to Oprah Winfrey, and was asked:

“Do you feel that you served enough time for this crime?”

“No,” Winkler said. “I just was ready for them to lock the door and throw away the key.”

Nicht im Zeitalter des feministischen Patriarchats. Da gilt selbst unter den zurückgebliebenen “Auge um Auge”-Fundamentalisten das Alte Testament nur für die schlechtere Hälfte der Bevölkerung.


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