Jews are finished, blacks are finished, …

Reality cannot be denied, nor should it be portrayed in flattering terms to serve the spiteful indignation of the class which erroneously see themselves as society’s rulers. Evolution just does not abide by pride. It’s always only a small step from rule to drool, and no use to outrage about facts. The production group Intelligence Squared US and the magazine Slate have presented the New York and global public with a discussion of Hanna Rosin’s long proclaimed theory that “Men are finished”, and she could win over the audience in a landslide vote. Christina Hoff Somers lost. Oh yes, they both had someone of the finished at their feet.

So let us add to the enlightened-voted rant!

“The troublemakers are finished, as foreseen. The war-mongers, the oppressors, the destroyers, the ruthless exploiters and abusers of women and children face their end, whoever and wherever they are:

Jews are finished, blacks are finished, muslims are finished, christians are finished, hindus are finished, latinos are finished, asians are finished, whites are finished, americans are finished, europeans are finished, chinese are finished, japanese are finished, africans are finished, russians are finished, atheists are finished – too bad for them! It’s the inferiority gene they carry. The Y. Cultural evolution has overcome the usefulness of the inferior subspecies. Finally!

In a couple of minutes, from the perspective of evolution, humanity will be able to design sperms from a woman’s egg or even from her stemcells, and there will be no more need for sperm donators to be born. Until then, we are confined to put up with the birth of at least a few individuals of the dysfunctional genotype, though it makes no sense to allow more to survive the womb than required for establishing a well organized worldwide business of sperm distribution. We simply cannot risk the social upheaval nor the wasteful consumption of our limited resources by a higher rate of males bound to be nothing but a holdback on the path to a truly peaceful, harmonious and prosperous civilization.

Some political and administrative foresight is to be applied to implement a smooth transition into the male-free society. We should care for a diverse supply of sperm donations by obliging every boy who has reached the age of fertility to have the quality of his sperm be tested in order to screen out defective genes to prevent genetic illnesses and birth defects, and to guarantee a high standard of health, intelligence and social compatibility. To watch out for autistic, aggressive, sociopathic and anti-social traits is paramount for reasons of safety and security should the y-sperm depots have to be tapped in case of problematic effects appearing in the test phase of the all-female generations of society. To hold off a disruption of the transitory process by predatory male adolescents mandatory sterilization surgery immediately after the provision of the sperm supply is to be administered.

We must primarily prepare women and support them to overcome traditional stereotypes of the man-woman family, of the idea of giving birth to boys, the nostalgia for romantic love relationships with males, as well as the tendency to leave political and corporate authority to males.

Fortunately the evolution of society has brought about exactly those models and normatives which serve the overcoming of the heterosexual bias in the female. Therefore governance can rely on the given trends, although it would be naive to leave it to spontaneous development. Lesbian marriage should be presented as the ideal model of a responsible foundation for motherhood and society. A male-free intimacy allows women to prosper by their own true desires and values instead of having to adapt to the male drive for dominance so alien to their spirit. Equally women should be encouraged to go it alone if that suits their temperament better. On the other hand the emerging segregation of all-girl schools and women-only businesses, cultural and political events could be encouraged by establishing a woman’s right to a harrassment-free environment in all areas and stages of her life.

Eventually there will be no way around measures of a less popular character, but responsible education in the ethical principles of a peaceful transition into a unified gender will keep the ressentment levels in the manageable range.

There is immense as yet unused potential in celebrating the gay lifestyle for young men as an indication of a positive participation in the Great Transition. Perhaps even more so we must care for the propagation of the truly responsible and couragous attitude of the transsexual women as role models for the emerging gender-sensitized boys who need the unambigous acceptance and loving guidance of parents and teachers to follow their calling through. At the same time hegemonious masculinity has to be much more strictly discouraged from preschool to college in order to protect the intuitively progressive young from bullying and discrimation which could result in a backlash into traditional gender-stereotypes.

The Great Transition needs a concerted effort of all international organisations and bodies of governance. We can build on the experiences with the establishment of women’ rights, gender equality and gender-mainstreaming, but certainly the challenge of the unified gender society is a new and exciting goal for the decades to come.

Looking back at how the empowerment of women has brought most signifiant social, cultural and political change to the better, it seems as if nothing is without the reach of women united to deliver the blessings of the female spirit of nurturing and harmony to our species, to all beings and mother Earth.”


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