“Women are finished” – tomorrow’s discussion?

The joke eluding them is that only because men are above feminist (which is the rationalization of female narcissist) boasting they do entertain themselves with the chick-fight at NYU.

Men are so above the ordinary woman that they rather cop out of any serious confrontation than shaming women by demonstrating their performative superiority in any and all rational, intellectual, philosophical, sociological, psychological, political or other topical discussion. Exactly as in physical disciplines, from hitting back in home fights to professional tennis, soccer, swimming, running, jumping, or any other.

Just as responsible and sensible adults do not compete full force with children. Who in his right and decent minds would shame the weaker for not being able to win? The answer is obvious: women. But no, the question was, “in his right and decent mind”. Thus, the answer is: no one.

Women are in their right and decent mind, too. Sometimes, in good moments. But not when in competition. They can’t lose without retaliation, therefore, because loosing is not one of the good moments.

Insofar men care to disentangle from women’s encroaching manipulations, they let them have their choice of illusions and let them drive themselves into their preferred delusions. Men’s patience and benevolence towards women is as endless as a father’s to his baby daughter. Or as an evicted father’s towards his alienated children who deny their love and affection for him.

The favorite illusion of today’s women is to believe they could successfully compete with men in areas where physical strength and endurance is not the criterion. Rather, it has been. Because we witness the awakening from the error at exactly this current time where “the end of men” is proclaimed. Even the blind have begun to realize it needs privileged treatment enforced by law and constant propaganda to fabricate the facade of women’s equality in areas of competition with men. They have even come up with extra terms to veil that reality: “affirmative action” and “positive discrimination”.

That’s the reason for quotas for any and all positions of high status and power being demanded by feminists, and granted by politicians. This is the reason for the witch hunts against anything male expressing itself unrepressed. It’s just too attractive. And children are the best indicators of that attractiveness. They flock into the arms of teachers who still dare to behave as non-neutered men and exhibit the fatherly charms of authority, respect, empathy and challenging playfulness. They leap into the arms of the father when he comes home from work. They cry when they have to leave him in the case of his being degraded into a visited uncle. And the mother competing with him for the affection of the children nurtures her jealousy until she has the children alienated and the family court terminate their visitation with their father.

Women are finished with their narcissist illusions, but they would rather die than admit it. Women do not admit mistakes, they blame them on circumstances or on scapegoats, on children and fathers, in case of mothers, on husbands, in the case of wives, on men in the case of society and politics.

Women are finished with their false pride, their wrongful jealousy, their selfishness, their demands for entitlements, their moral high horse. But they rather kill their children or their husbands, they rather vote for a tyranny granting them privileges than admitting their mistakes and their weakness.

Women are finished with the false self-image of self-reliance and independency while having themselves be surrounded by a myriad of organizations, agencies, laws, regulations, offices and personnel that exist for the sole purpose to help them, protect them, support them, privilege them, counsel them, pamper them, guide them step-by-step, lead them by the hand like little children. Whole industries exist just to tell them day after day, season by season, year after year, from the age of 12 to that of 102, what to think, what to want, what to believe, what to expect, what to fear, what to do and what to avoid.

Women are finished with the self-destructive ideal of having a career and be proud of how much money they make and how many promotions they got. They look around after 15 years of one-night stands, flicks and affairs only to find out that no man of their social standing is interested in them, because he is either married or prefers a non-academic sweetie of 25 to start a family.

Women are finished with contraception and abortions until the day when they find themselves incapable to conceive and have no other chance than to walk the rough road of infertility treatment, a psychical torture and a financial extortion with a good opportunity for birth defects or failure overall included. Did no one tell them their eggs deteriorate year by year?

Women are finished with their incapability to love their man and the equal incapability to be a loving mother to their eventual children, while they mistake complementarity for competition and motherhood for ownership of a source for self-gratification. And they do not see that more and more young men observe the disaster of divorce and fathers loosing their children through the ex-wife’s parental alienation. They have come to abhor the prospect of living with a narcissist reproductive entrepreneur who views them as an employee to be fired and replaced according to her calculation of his cost effectiveness. And no honest father of today could recommend his son to risk marriage and have children, unless he is determined to ruin his heart, his health and his joy of life.

Women are finished with their failure of single motherhood making their children unhappy, even depressed, undisciplined, disoriented, distracted, hyperactive, lonely. They spoil them on one hand and neglect them on the other, disregarding their needs for guidance, for authority and empathy and challenge their father would provide. But the mothers are lost in selfishness unrestrained by the accountability to the other parent. They rather have them put under psychoactive drugs and dog-train them into hyper-achievers instead of allowing them the stability of their fathers’ attention.

Women are finished with their suppression of womanhood. They live in a state of fake early pregnancy from the effect of contraceptive medication and do not at all feel the pangs for motherhood the birth-mother sends through their deep body consciousness. They live in a state of being split between the illusion of pregnancy which is success and the knowledge of the unfulfilledness of the womb’s desire which is failure. As a rationalization they have invented all kinds of pseudo-definitions of womanhood and the difference to manhood. A primary, archaic frustration builds up month by month, year after year, a sense of fundamental failure that feminism decrees a taboo, even the central taboo of postmodern womanhood. The right to abortion was the core political goal of the feminists of the 60ies, and what was it but the war against the femaleness of woman’s body and identity waged on the grounds of a pharmaceutically instrumented coup to rule it over the uterus. A fabricated authority and autonomy of her will over her body.

Women are finished with their alienation from their instinctive ground. Evolution cannot be fooled, only denied. The bitterness, the coldness, the selfish heartlessness, the radical lack of empathy and compassion, the hostile bitchiness so often described as characteristic for the contemporary American woman can be seen as symptomatic effects of the ideologically based denial of her instinctive desires. The autistic negation of the direct and immediate relationship of visual sex-appeal of woman and physiological turn-on of man as exemplified to the degree of pretended insanity in the provocation of the socalled slut-walks is perhaps the most obvious illustration how cut off young women have become from sexual reality. The talk about verbal instead of active consent to sexual intimacy reveals the same dumbfounded lack of comprehension of the most basic modes of human and even animal behavior and communication. Or rather, one might hope, at least the shameless willingness to act as if suffering from a severe degree of emotional imbecility, otherwise found only in people with the diagnosis of autistic disorder, when it seems to serve the purpose of ruling it over men. Yet, the difference between strategical selfmanipulation into psychopathological states and seemingly spontaneous emergence of such is largely indeterminate.

Women are finished with men’s letting them have their wanton will. That would be the base line. As the female mindset is geared to adapt to the circumstances found, when men do not limit women’s egoism and ego-centrism, women will escalate into acting out narcissism as far as they can possibly go. All the demeaning and derogating and belittling offenses directed at men have to be interpreted in their functional intent to provoke a rejection and correction from men. The familiar pattern for this is the child that provokes the parents with an escalation of bad behavior until the parents loose their patience and affirm their authority in a convincing fashion.

To get a grasp of the provocative loadedness of a public statement of, or even a (presumed) academic discussion on “Men are finished”, the most simple test is to reverse the sexes. First, imagine a male journalist or social scientist making himself a name by giving speeches on “Women are finished”! Second, imagine NYU to stage an academic discussion of two man-woman teams pro and contra the theory “Women are finished”! If you manage to believe even the first of the suggested two scenarios to be possible without the journalist/scientist facing severe disciplinary and probably even legal consequences for “hate-speech” and “offensiveness”, congratulations for your power of imagination! As much as I would like to err on the side of pessimism, I do suspect there is not one American college or university of good reputation that would dare or want to stage the proposed discussion. Not even as a satirical comedy show.

For a more satirical commentary on the topis see: Jews are finished, blacks are finished, …


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