Boycott Braehead – Terrorverdacht gegen Vater, der seine Tochter im Einkaufszentrum fotografiert

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BBC berichtet und zeigt ein Interview über einen Vater, der von einem Sicherheitsmann und dann von der Polizei belästigt und eingeschüchtert wurde, weil er im Einkaufszentrum Braehead in der Nähe von Glasgow seine Tochter fotografierte, wie sie, auf einer rosa Vespa an der Theke des Eissalons sitzend, ihr Eis schleckte.

Boycott Braehead

Das war am Freitag Nachmittag. Daraufhin eröffnete er eine Facebook-Seite mit dem Titel “Boycott Braehead” und bekam in kurzer Zeit ein paar tausend Unterstützer. Im Moment, um 17 Uhr am Montag, sind es beinahe 8000.

Auf der Facebook-Seite Boycott Braehead liest man seine Erzählung:

Around 4pm this evening I took the attached photo of my 4 year old daughter looking cute on the back of a vespa seat at an ice cream bar inside Braehead shopping centre in the middle of a shopping trip. Having just bought her some new jigsaws we were going to go look at some clothes shops but never managed to continue our shopping trip.

Walking down the shopping mall a man approached me from behind as I was carrying my daughter in my arms. He came from behind me, cutting in front of me and told me to stop. That was quite a shock as I am wary of people with crew cuts and white shirts suddenly appearing in front of me, but then realised he was a security guard.

He then said I had been spotted taking photos in the shopping centre which was ‘illegal’ and not allowed and then asked me to delete any photos I had taken. I explained I had taken 2 photos of my daughter eating ice cream and that she was the only person in the photo so didn’t see any problem. i also said that I wasn’t that willing to delete the photo’s and there seemed little point as I had actually uploaded them to facebook.

He then said i would have to stay right where I was while he called the police, which seemed as little extreme. My daughter was crying by this stage, but I said that was fine I would wait and began to comfort my daughter who was saying she didn’t like the man and wanted to go. After about 5 minutes two police officers arrived.

The older police officer was actually quite intimidating in his nature. He said that there had been a complaint about me taking photos and that there were clear signs in Braehead shopping centre saying that no photographs were allowed. I tried to explain that I hadn’t seen any clearly displayed signs and that I had taken 2 photos of my daughter.

As i was trying to explain he said I was interrupting him and that I should remain quiet until he had finished speaking to me. Not wanting to distress my daughter further, and to allow him to finish I let him continue. At one stage i was reassuring my daughter that everything was okay, only to be told I wasn’t listening by the officer.

Once he had finished, i then started to explain again my situation, only for the officer to start speaking again. Apparently different rules of respect apply when someone other than a police officer is speaking. I explained that that far from being aggressive when the security guard came over, the way he approached me was threatening and intimidating. I was told that was my word against his. Although this didn’t seem to be the case when the security guard alleged that I was threatening when I had a 4 year old in my arms and waited patiently for the police to arrive.

The police officer than started to say that there were privacy issues around photographs, to which I said yes and in a busy shopping centre I waited until only my daughter was in the shot. I explained that I was happy to show him the photos although not sure under what authority he could ask me to delete the photos.

He then said that under the Prevention of Terrorism Act he was quite within in his rights to confiscate my mobile phone without any explanation for taking photos within a public shopping centre, which seems an abuse of the act. He then said on this occasion he would allow me to keep the photos, but he wanted to take my full details.

Name, place of birth, age, employment status, address. Had I not had my daughter with me, and the fact that we are trying to bring our daughter up to respect and trust police officers, I may have exercised my right not to provide those details. My view is that up until that stage the police were using powers their stop and account powers. I had done that so would have been within my rights not to give further details, however I chose to give the details.

The police officer also said that the security guard was within his rights to now ask me to leave Braehead Shopping Centre and bar me from the premises which I was happy to oblige.

Four things that are truly ridiculous the whole photo situation. How many people have taken photos of their children in Build-a-bear or on rides and attractions in Braehead? The police officer even thinking of making reference to the Prevention of Terrorism Act; wondering how many shoplifters got away while my act of terrorism was being dealt with; and the fact that i was clearly shopping and intended to continue shopping at a time when retail sales are at there lowest for over a decade. I guess Braehead shopping centre must be bucking the trend!

Auf der Seite des Unternehmens wurde eine Erklärung veröffentlicht, die Öl ins Feuer der Empörung gießt:

Following various postings on social media websites and stories in the traditional media, Braehead would like to set the record straight on an incident involving a man taking photographs of a child in the centre, on Friday October 7.

Retail staff at an ice cream stall in Braehead became suspicious after they saw a male shopper taking photographs of a child sitting at their counter. The staff thought the man had also been taking photographs of them and they alerted one of the centre’s security staff.

The member of security staff approached the man and politely asked if he had been taking photographs. At no time in the initial conversation was the member of our security staff informed by the man that the child in question was his daughter.
Because of the nature of the incident, police became involved and also spoke to the man.

Our priority is always to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all our shoppers and retailers. The member of our security staff acted in good faith.

Like most shopping centres, we have a ‘no photography’ policy in the mall for two reasons. First, to protect the privacy of staff and shoppers. as we are sure shoppers would not want strangers taking photographs of them or their children while they were in the mall.

Secondly and sadly, we live in a world of potential threats from terrorists and everyone is being urged by the police to be vigilant at all times. It is not uncommon for those intending to make some kind of attack to take photographs of their intended target as part of their planning before the event.

However, it is not our intention to – and we do not – stop innocent family members taking pictures. Discretion is used at all times.

Although Friday’s incident had nothing to do with a potential terrorist attack, the two retail assistants and the member of our security staff were faced with a situation they genuinely thought was suspicious. They witnessed a man taking photographs of a child, unaware that the man and the child were related.

I’m sure people will agree it is better safe than sorry.

Unverschämter selbstgerecht geht’s kaum, wobei die Arroganz eher aus der Verblödung kommt, die auch die Polizei kennzeichnet und die Politik, auf dem Niveau von George W. Bush und allen Bassenatratschen und Blockwarten, die wieder Saison haben. Diesmal ist es nicht die Judengefahr oder die Kommunistengefahr, sondern die Terroristengefahr und die Pädophilengefahr, in der sie schwelgen. Und die Vergewaltigungsgefahr, die Beleidigungsgefahr, die Diskriminierungsgefahr, die Unhöflichkeitsgefahr, die Unfreundlichkeitsgefahr, die Kritikgefahr, die Gefahr, angestarrt zu werden. Oder überhaupt angeschaut werden. Oder nicht angeschaut zu werden. Einfach übersehen zu werden.

Jeder ist verdächtig. Alle müssen durchleuchtet, beobachtet, ausspioniert und abgehört werden. Vom Kindergarten an. Man muß das Übel an der Wurzel packen. Man kann gar nicht mißtrauisch genug sein. Sicherheit hat ihren Preis. Besser zehn Unschuldige verdächtigen als einen Schuldigen übersehen. Better safe than sorry, wie der Anglikaner sagt, oder der Angelsachse. Wachsamkeit tut not. Leider. Aber so ist das eben in der heutigen Zeit.

Und wenn sie einmal 17 sind, hilft nur noch Gewalt. Staatsgewalt. Sonst bricht die Anarchie aus. Und es regiert die Gewalt im Staat.


Ergänzung (Update) 15.10.2011

Die Publizität und die öffentlichen Proteste per Facebook scheinen gewirkt zu haben: siehe auf der Seite von Braehead bzw. den Beitrag hier!


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