Jamaican Teachers are Failing Black Boys and Blame Them for “Misconceptions of Masculinity”

From the Telegraph (via Mensactivism):

Black schoolboys are underachieving in exams due to a cultural misconception that academic success is a sign of homosexuality, teaching leaders claim.

No, it’s not a cultural misperception but a cultural perception. The misperception is on the side of the teachers proclaiming one.

Why? Because if a school system relies on criteria of teaching and evaluation which are geared towards girls’ natural proclivities, it is actually gay to adapt to its proceedings and comply with its normativities.

The feminist cultural coup has led to the prescription of the female mindset as the truly human and culturally progressive one, and as it is implemented, as they call the new habit of dictating ethics, by the UN and the governments worldwide, under the disguise of the terms “gendermainstreaming” and “equality”, in the so-called developed as well as in the developing countries, men and boys are put under siege.

Especially in the Third and Fourth World, for which development aid from the west is made contingent on the adoption of feminist ideology and the establishing of feminist re-education of society by the governments, as well as the privileged use of internationally given funds for women and girls over men and boys, all government programs and agencies are being realigned to the systematic structural detriment of boys and men. Act like a girl or you fall through the grate! Such is the implicit or even explicit command, the blackmailing, the manipulation, the devaluation and the scarcely hidden pathologicalization of male identity.

And second,

“Education … takes second place to notions of entrepreneurship as, predominantly our young men, get involved in the informality of what University of the West Indies academics have called a ‘hustle culture’.”

yes, entrepreneurship is what will get the boys to make a living, and not academic degrees. University diploma loose their economical value by the day. The hype of girls earning degrees just on its own devalues these. It needs more than repeating feminist catch phrases to grasp the hierarchy of the sexes and the hierarchy of men. When women abound in academic success, academic success as such is loosing its significance for making a living, and it looses its value for status.

The first aspect: Women use professional careers as a pastime between youth and motherhood, while men have to prepare to support their woman and children by their profession. They do not have the choice to cop out after some time and have a child instead. To them to marry and have children means to have to make as much money as possible, the exact opposite of choice, the opposite of opting out of the career route, or rather, in the vast majority of cases, of the drudge.

If they have to compete against women in their possible academic profession, they have to compete against people who work for fun, for self-realization, as they presume, for nothing but self-serving purposes. And what is happening is that the professional and the social and ethical standards and ideals of all professions where women make up a significant portion or even the majority of the number of the employees and, more effective, the employers or bosses, are being lowered and transgressed on a wide scale. Just because women do not take ideals for serious – they are not actually dependent on high achievement and successful competition. They prefer “life-work-balancing” to sacrificing all they can raise in themselves for success.

A “hustle”-culture, one can say, is more dignified than a “hassle”-culture where personal relations by emotional business and self-image cultivation play the central role in the workplace.

The US together with the British workplace culture are the negative models of what results from the feminization of professional ethics. Men are under the smothering pressure to behave – to act the good boy according to the moralistic and neo-victorianist harassment of the female colleagues and supervisors.

Therefore it is not at all the case that

Misplaced views about masculinity needed to be tackled in schools, (…).

but the misplaced views of school and learning have to be tackled. Or, the misplaced views about masculinity the school teachers and administrators hold. The education system has to adapt to masculinity, and not the least nor at all, vice versa.

The tackling of so-called misplaced views of masculinity the boys hold is a psychical and social crime against malehood. Their views are grounded in instinctive and intuitive sensing of the adversity of the system against their natural maleness. That is the reason of opposition to the kind of learning and behaving the schools demand. Outrageous is the selfrighteousness of the teachers, almost all of them women or mentally neutered men, who obviously fail in the teaching of boys and, instead of questioning their unsuccessful ways, turn the issue around and go blame the boys for not being the right kind of pupils.

If you are incapable of motivating boys to study, Ms. Brown, it might be that you lack the talent and the dedication required to teach them!


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