Der EURO-Wahn im Visier der Beobachter

Der Telegraph schreibt am 30. Oktober unter zwei bemerkenswerten verschiedenen Überschriften:

The slow death of Europe’s democracies

One by one, the democracies of Southern Europe are being broken on the wheel of monetary union.

Chancellor Angela Merkel warned last week that euro failure threatens a thousand plagues. “No one should think that another half-century of peace and prosperity is assured”

She has the matter backwards. The euro itself is has become an engine of destruction and bitter cross-border rancour.

Europe will not be whole and happy again until the currency is broken into workable parts, and this misguided experiment is shut down for ever.

In einem zweiten Artikel vom 31. Oktober, der nur mehr von Farce spricht:

Brussels deal is another sticking plaster to patch up a shaky eurozone

If this deal enables the eurozone to hold together it will be an economic and political disaster. More likely, it will unravel, or the system will suffer another major debt shock and a banking crisis. Yet the optimists believe the eurozone is heading towards some sort of closer union which is going to make all well: if Europe is in trouble, the solution must be more Europe. You really couldn’t make it up.

Der amerikanische Blog View from the Right geht auf das angebliche paranoide Hintergrundparadigma der EU ein:

Europe’s problem, boiled down

Numerous articles about the eurozone crisis (such as this one) have made the same points: that the cause of the crisis is the joining together of countries with very different economic levels into a common currency, and that the solution to the crisis is for Greece and other southern European countries to abandon the euro, return to their respective national currencies and devalue them, thus reducing their debt. But the rulers of Europe will absolutely not allow this, because the end of a common currency would mean the end of the EU project, and, as Angela Merkel said the other day, if the EU project ends, Europe will instantly return to nationalism, war, Nazism, etc.

Such thinking has of course driven the EU project from the start. The belief is that since Nazi Germany was the seat of ultimate evil, the independent nation-state is itself the seat of ultimate evil, and therefore the only way to save Europe from this evil once and for all is through the construction of a transnational government subsuming the nations of Europe.

Ich würde sagen, da verwechselt der Autor die erpresserische strategische Rationalisierung gegenüber der Öffentlichkeit mit dem tatsächlichen Motiv.

Der Ökonomieblog Worthwile Canadian Initiative über die Idee von China als letzte Rettung:

Eurozone to issue yuan bonds???

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative is not normally a blog for very short posts. We try to be a bit more analytical. But there’s really not much one can say about this idea reported in the Telegraph, other than: this is really stupid. The whole Eurozone problem is that each Eurozone country was issuing bonds in what was effectively a foreign currency, and so it lacked an effective lender of last resort. Now, if the Telegraph is correct, the Eurozone as a whole is planning to repeat the mistake, and become just like Greece.

Die Kommentare bezeichnen Merkel als Präsidentin der EU, sprechen vom Ertrinkenden, der nach dem Strohhalm Chinas greift, und charakterisieren die Einführung des Euro als Erpressungsversuch mit vollendeten politischen Tatsachen, der aber zumindest bis jetzt noch nicht den gewünschten Effekt erreicht hat, die demokratischen Vorgangsweisen zu blockieren, was auch in den jüngsten Artikeln auf diesem Blog hier thematisiert wurde:

The whole design of the Euro was intended to bring about a political fait accompli, where the public would be forced to accept a particular arrangement lest catastrophe ensue. Lo and behold, we have reached this point, but it is still politically unsupportable. So the attempt to thwart/direct democratic procedures has, at least at this point, not succeeded.

Forbes erklärt das Prinzip des Kreditgebers der letzten Zuflucht am 30. Oktober:

This lender of last resort idea comes in two parts. The first is that if you can issue more money as and when you want, which you can if you control your own currency, then if the banks of the financial system get into trouble then you can just print more money to help them out. You don’t end up with your entire financial system in  pile of smoking rubble.

The second part of the lender of last resort is that if government itself gets into debt repayment problems then you can simply print more money to pay the debts back. Yes, this does lead to inflation, this monetisation of the debt, but even that is better than where Greece finds itself now. Having counter-productive austerity forced down their necks because they borrowed in a currency they don’t control and cannot print more of.

So what we seem to have is the head of the EFSF stating that they’d just love to issue bonds in yuan: a currency that they don’t control and cannot print more of. Making, as the quote shows, the EFSF make the same mistake now as the eurozone did those years ago which brought us to this current crisis.

Die Hedefunds Review vom 31. Oktober gibt Prognosen ab, eine davon:

The real crisis may then come in the first half of 2012 as the electoral cycle moves on and politicians in the South ponder how their electorates will treat them in return for seemingly unending austerity.

On the other hand, Northern politicians will also be under pressure to explain why their hard-working voters have to bail out ­eurozone neighbours.

We put a 50/50 chance on one or other of these constituencies deciding it is just too hard to carry on, meaning the euro will once again face an ­existential crisis.

Dem gegenüber die kriecherische Kritiklosigkeit des Spiegel:

Papandreou irritiert Griechen mit Abstimmungsplan

Kurz: Die Griechen könnten sich als die Retter der Demokratie und Souveränität der Nationen des Kontinents erweisen, die der Chimäre des Euro die sklavische Gefolgschaft aufkündigen.


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