Fast Company In The Wake of SCUM

Everybody Shout

Target Demo: Men Around the World

The Ad Folks:
Shout is part of She Says, a network of 3,000 ad women who collaborate outside their day jobs on campaigns directed at women.

Their Campaign Strategy:
This ad shouts what studies suggest–that female leaders can be more empathetic and inspirational. The ad evokes movie posters because its creators “expect to see plenty of successful females coming soon to a corporation, startup, or Oval Office near you.”

Source: Fast Company Magazine

Rebrand the womb products

Their introduction to the poster:

Fast Company asked several of the most creative ad agencies in the world to rebrand baby girls. Their mock campaigns recast girls as the No. 1 choice for consumers from China to the U.S.

They have mostly female writers, and they are exactly what the world has to fear from their humour – feminazis, in other words: female racist supremacists with the same kind of abundant lack of basic human decency as Aryan racist supremacists.

Cold as reptiles, out of touch with any degree of sensitivity to the impact of words, images, gestures or slogans on the addressed. Otherwise they would not believe anybody with a heart and a morality would accept the term “rebrand baby girls” and “consumer choice” without a rise of disgusted rage. Notwithstanding the sense of humour alive and working.

But read, they tell us they are a network of career greedy women, and among those women, even more so than for the archaic female mind, non-instrumental empathy and sensitivity for others is a sign of weakness in their ideology of “born to rule”.

It is presented as humour, but it is neither funny nor is it meant as humour. They do mean it just like that: We are born to rule. We are going to rule the world. Our race, the race of women.

They are Hanna Rosin’s audience when she delights in: “Men are finished.”

They share the same hysterical ride on the idea of superiority and supremacy as any self-defined master race or master class in history at the presumed onset of their conquering of power.

Which is exactly the same feeling as the Goteborg SCUM Girls show in their video – narcissist ecstasy is the name of the flavour. That is what, in the posting of the video then, made them, and in the offering of SCUM to high school children now, makes the Turteatern people so cut off from reality that they were completely taken by shock at the protest storm against SCUM.

How come those ossified brains, those primitives entangled in their sexual identity corset do not express humble gratitude for being allowed an introduction into critical analysis of their pitiable state of unquestioning stupidity? How come that they cannot overcome their backwardness and enjoy the fun of SCUM? Why don’t they get the inside joke of “Destroying the male sex” as name for a theater group? Have not the city of Goteborg and the University and the Theater Academy given them nothing but enthusiastic support and the tax-money all these years because they do the progressive stuff? Do not the papers review their shows with awe and applause time and time again?

What’s wrong with the population? What’s wrong with those heterosexuals, that they do not smile with appreciation when there is “Straight Hate Day”? Are they really so insecure and feeble that they can’t take some good funny provocation?

Only a dead boy is a good boy

But the Fast Company Girls are much worse. They do not just want to provoke and are so arrogant that they do not get the offense they act out. They do want the addressed go and kill the boys in the womb. It is not, precisely, not at all the case that they abhor the killing of the unborn children. All they do abhor is the killing of the girls. They will celebrate it if more boys are killed. They are going to be useless and a drag for the world anyway! Unless perhaps there is some mandatory program of testosterone control which would render them useful for their mistresses.

They are not concerned about the social and political consequences of the imbalance of the sexes among the young generation in China or India. If they had a non-racist view on humanity they would be concerned for the future of those boys which cannot get a girl but have to fight by the most fierce competition for the income which will qualify them to be eligible for marriage or even for the position of boyfriend. The Fast Company Girls do not care, because girls will have a wider choice and have a lover beside the husband.

They are not concerned about the political destabilization resulting from a surplus of young men together with a ruthless privileging of the girls throughout the education system and in the professional realm. No, they cheer at the girls’ fabricated leaving behind of the boys and the young men! As they cheer at the notorious female sexist development politics of the international organizations.

What the hell do they care. They are women, and they care for their own race. The master race of the future. The ruling caste of tomorrow.

They are sociopathically minded, and dangerous in any and all respects. The whole article is one demonstration of cynical, manipulative demagoguery portraying boys as losers by DNA and girls as winners by it. It is a sexual racist explanation to rationalize and endorse the effects of the state feminist policies’ systematic negligence of the life conditions for boys and men.

And it is delivered with no second thought but the eagerness to triumph and indulge in the sweet delusion of female supremacy. Not that there is even a jota of reality in all those eulogic and euphemistic ascriptions to women as better leaders. On the contrary it is laughable and embarrassing how uncritically stupid these women go about their self-elation.

Leaders by quota

Not in the least do women make even comparable leaders in any field or enterprise to men. Not in the least will female leaders rule anything but a KZ-world or a global Gulag. Their lack of interest in the degree of competition and sacrifice required to attain higher positions in any hierarchy which is not fabricated but established by the unregulated interaction of professional merit and leadership qualities has proven itself so consistently that quotas have been demanded and prescribed to falsify the precariously unflattering picture!

Right there is the intolerable process – the men in power do comply with the eternal female moral blackmail on the grounds of the victim-appeal. They have restructured political and, to a lesser degree, corporate hierarchies into faked ones, into politbureaus where party membership determines the management positions, only that the party is not a communist one or a fascist one but a sexist, membership given by birth. So it is not even a party but a caste. Half of the higher  management positions are given to the female cast members without the need for due qualification or real competition, only the other half is still subject to merit.

When women’s mentality is allowed to rule there are Human Relations departments which enforce a psychiatric ward climate instead that of a workplace. The primary qualification becomes pleasing the females and avoiding narcissist hurts of the colleagues who threaten any man in higher position with allegations of sexual harassment. Walking on egg shells is the metaphor from families with narcissist, borderline and hysterical mothers. The same kind of psycho-terror spreads when women are in charge and have disciplinary authority in any type of organization.

The hysterical overreactions of school teachers to children’s behavior both in terms of provoking authority as regarding politically correct speech and manners, or to any expressions of even elementary school gestures of romantic love like kissing, that is, calling the police for dealing with alleged crimes, is just another example for the breakdown of sanity and rationality when the female mentality is allowed to rule.

The most drastic effect, destructive for society and harming for the hearts and minds, is the single mother family which means giving the mother uncontrolled authority over the children. The social and psychical troubles of children growing up under sole custody of the mother are confirmed in study after study. The epidemic of children’s alienation from their fathers, the social patricide is exclusively due to women’s acting out of ego-centrism without pity nor limits, as soon as she is left uncontrolled.

Concerning politics we do observe and suffer from a vastly illegitimate interfering of the government with the private life and even with the minds of the people, the nanny state and the nudging state, an attitude of authority over the personal liberty of the people which deliberates in speech and thought and behavior control. It is an immediate and direct consequence of women in public and political positions of influence and power, in other words, of the public acceptance of feminism, the power grab of women for power’s sake.

Perhaps one should mention: Girls are the better cheerleaders!

Hope it’s no boy

These mercantile minds in their dehumanized cruelty of attitude do not even shy away from setting up an extra website dedicated to smear the image of baby boys with inferiority and feature the supremacy of baby girls. Oh, let’s not forget, it is all funny! Get to know the humour of the feminazi brand! Boys don’t just drool, they suck. Girls rule and shine and are profitable.

Their principle is obvious, the purpose sanctifies the means.

Remarkable, once more, is the kind of humour.

An alien lack of empathy, not even getting the implications of the poster’s similarity to the movies where the huge alien spacecraft hovers before extinguishing the city below, and the fighter jets trying to destroy it in vain before at last one hero succeeds. Another association is with a giant alien organism, but again it’s not a friendly one. Especially with the line of “born to rule” the impression is, born to rule the universe, to conquer the Earth and enslave or gobble up us worms. They convey the sense of threat and fighting back with the poster, and it’s highly doubtable they use such meta-humour to play on the cheap myth of man afraid of the eternal female, therefore always fighting to subdue woman. More plausible is the interpretation that they are simply delighting in the dimensions of the giant female and the tiny males, as well as the power of attraction it seems to exert. Had they intended to get men’s repulsion they did a good job.

Though they declare themselves as directing their campaigns at women, the line before they inform us the poster is meant to shout at the target: Men around the World.

Well, as target I could not help to laugh: “Not for the next 7 million years!”

They do not get it. That women’s power is borrowed. Given by men, out of falsely understood generosity. They do not read the signs on the wall nor look for the omens in the sky. Before they have said “Born to rule” thrice, they will find themselves begging for a man’s protection.

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