College Girls’ Violence on the Surge

The Washington Post writes:

Violent incidents involving female students surge on campuses, in schools, authorities say

A female Frostburg State University student intervenes in an altercation at an off-campus party and gets slashed by a woman hosting the celebration, authorities say. Two Bowie State University suitemates spar over music, and one woman cuts the other’s throat. Female roommates at Howard University argue in the kitchen, and one throws a pot of hot water at the other.Violent episodes between females are on the rise, authorities said, on playgrounds, in high school hallways and on college campuses across the country, where at least four women have been charged with killing female students since March. The violence is manifesting in an increased number of random assaults, group fights, flash-mob crimes and vicious one-on-one attacks, including the killings at Frostburg State on Nov. 6 and at Bowie State in September.
And some late but incredibly deep insights:
“Every week, there is some sort of violent altercation between females and the arrest of young females for violent crimes,” said Prince William County Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul B. Ebert (D). “People are figuring out you can’t let them get away with it. Law enforcement has to treat females who are violent the same way they do males if they are going to [change] it.”
You are witnessing a confession of an attorney for the whole gang of sexist law enforcement personnel.
But the next noble knight is way behind, albeit without a tint of bad conscience. Or have you ever heard some official say, “We should be studying the violent behavior of boys”? Arrest them and put them behind bars, this will teach them a lesson. As far as I know that was and is the amount of thought applied.
“Something has gone amiss,” said Isaac Fulwood Jr., chairman of the U.S. Commission on Parole. “We should be studying this behavior when it comes to girls. This is a relatively new phenomenon, but you see it everywhere today — young females cursing, fighting, behaving aggressively on the Metro, on the street. We need to figure out something, quick, to deal with this.”
Perhaps the latter speaker should listen to the former.
Or let’s rejoice for the advances of feminism. Isn’t it that girls will soon rule the streets?
One more remark. As far as I can assume with my limited ear for it, don’t those brute womanslaughterers’ names sound all black?
Seems so. And what do we learn from common understanding as well as from social science studies? Fatherless households are the best identified condition to see adolescent as well as young adult violent behavior. And it’s been long known that black mothers are the champions in raising their children with the state as father. But that’s the problem, the state is a non-resident stepfather. And he gets custody of his stepchildren no earlier than their committing a crime.
So what’s the solution to the black girls’ violence? Whatever the solution is that works to make those same black girls abhor having children with the state as stepfather. Whatever prevents the continuation of the matriarchal family structure. A strict patriarchal family structure would make the next generation civilized, able to get over their conflicts without killing the other.
Because the violence is not in the genes, but the effect of pampering by social welfare, of entitlements for one’s skin color plus one’s sex plus for the combination of black, female and matriarchal, together with the ideological pampering from the liberal progressive side, the pedestaling as statutory victim of the evil white male. The selfrighteous bad conscience, the paternalism of the progressive whites has destroyed the formerly well ordered and decent black American family. Or the black family in the United Kingdom, for that matter. I suppose Fred Reed is the one to read on this topic here about the destroyed condition of the black subculture and here about the destruction of the black family.
Nothing could be made up as better expression for the hypocritical mentality which does not hold people responsible for what they do when they claim and are granted the victim status than the fact that the Washington Post does not waste one line or one 5-letter word for the highly significant fact that the murdering girls are black. To make good for it, we see 14 pictures of black women (well, a couple of men, too) demonstrating how emotional they are about all this. Only then are we shown that the whole slaughtering is obviously a black subculture affair.
If similar surges of violent crime happened among rich white girls there would be all kinds of blaming of the families, the luxury, the spoiling, the emotionally absent fathers and so on, I suppose. I could as well be wrong, and there are quite a few white girls on the list of violent criminals of the recent times, I might add. But if one spends three pages on the topic then there is enough space to try to grasp the social and cultural background of the disquieting violence, no matter what the culture is or what the social conditions are. All we are told is they are offering programs to teach the girls how to control their emotions – what a bad joke!Let’s dwell on it: Why not adapt the infamous Duluth Wheel of Violence, exchanging the phantasized male privilege and patriarchal dominance with victim privilege and matriarchal dominance? It is the rule of hysterical terror, of emotional bribe and blackmail and the absence of moral accountability which creates the ego-weakness, the borderline personality order which is so prone to act out anger without measure.

To stress the well known point of father absence, a diagram from a recent Australian study:


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