Children in Power over Teachers Abuse It

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The teachers’ union NASUWT reports on Oct. 11, 2011:

30% of teachers falsely accused

Thirty per cent of teachers have had a false allegation made against them by a pupil, a shocking new survey conducted by the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, and the Tonight programme has revealed.

Over two thirds of teachers say they would think twice about breaking up a fight between students because of the threat of pupils making false allegations against them.

(…) “Ninety-nine per cent of teachers surveyed said that they were concerned that a pupil may make a false allegation against them, yet more than four out of five do not feel that protections for teachers are adequate.[“]

BBC writes on Oct. 15, 2011:

Nearly half abuse claims against teachers ‘malicious’


Of 12,086 allegations referred, 2,827 (23%) were against school teachers, and 1,709 were against non-teaching staff in schools.

It found that 47% of all allegations made against teachers, and 41% against non-teaching staff members were found to be unsubstantiated, malicious or unfounded.

About 18% of teachers and 29% of non-teaching staff were suspended while accusations were investigated.

Based on information held by councils rather than the police, the survey found that 12% of the accused teachers and nearly a fifth of those non-teaching members of staff faced a criminal investigation.

And just 3% of concluded investigations against teachers resulted in a criminal caution or conviction, with the figure 5% for non-teaching staff, the survey found.

The government plans to allow teachers anonymity when facing allegations from pupils – up to the point they are charged with a criminal offence.

UK News Yahoo explains:

(…) The majority of allegations were of a physical nature, the survey found (56% in relation to school teachers and 49% for non-teaching staff). Some 17% of physical allegations against teachers and non-teaching staff related to them using authorised physical intervention or restraint on a pupil.

On News Sky a blogger comments:

So, Kids Are Malicious Liars

(..) Whenever there is a presumption of victimhood – grotesque anom[a]lies will surface.

It is tempting to see children as perpetual victims – but naive. Where a system is rigged, where there is no anonymity for those facing baseless accusations, in short – where there is no moral hazard for someone who lies to dump an innocent party in the mire – injustice will follow.

Children are not so very different from the adults they will grow up to become. They are not immune to the abuse of power. And make no mistake, that is what we are talking about.

When you create a system which invites people – in this case kids – to make whatever slurs they like and face no sanction if they turn out to be totally bogus; it is an abuse.

What is lacking from the news reports is obvious: First, how many allegations were actually malicious, how many unfounded, how many unsubstantiated? Second, how many of the allegations were of sexual harassment or coercion or even rape?

Let us have a look wether the Education Department provides any details on the question in the presentation of the interim findings of the survey! Now, Heureka! The document for free download reveals the stuff no journalist above mentioned:

Nearly half of the allegations made against school teachers (47%, n=1,234) and two-fifths of allegations against non-teaching school staff (41%, n=639) were found to be unsubstantiated, malicious or unfounded.

This we have been told. Now the discriminations:

Nearly a fifth of allegations against teachers (19%, n=497) and 15% of allegations against non-teaching school staff (n=236) were considered to be unfounded and just 2% (n=56) to be malicious. Of the allegations made against FE teachers, 16% (n=16) were found to be unsubstantiated, 7% unfounded (n=7) and none malicious.

And yes, it was obvious self-censoring of the above media to keep silent about sexual allegations:

The majority of allegations of abuse made against school teachers and non-teaching staff were physical in nature (56%, n=1,584 and 49%, n=842 respectively).

Again, so much we have been deemed mature or sensible enough to digest. Withheld was:

Allegations made against FE teachers were most frequently about sexual abuse (49%, n=52) although this figure should be interpreted with caution, given the low base of allegations against FE teachers reported.

Which is still rather limited information. Later on in the paper we learn more:

Nature of allegations made

Over half of the allegations made against school teachers were about abuse that was physical in nature (56%, n=1,584). Nearly a fifth were sexual (19%, n=550), 11% (n=315) related to conduct (i.e. inappropriate language or behaviour used by staff), 8% (n=224) emotional and 2% (n=64) were regarding neglect.

Proportions were similar for non-teaching school staff. Almost half (49%, (n=842) of allegations made were about physical abuse, 25% (n=427) sexual, 12% (n=208) conduct, 4% (n=76) emotional and 5% (n=82) neglect.

Almost half the allegations made against FE teachers were of abuse that was sexual in nature (49%5, n=52), 27% (n=29) were physical, 9% (n=10) conduct, 5% (n=5) emotional and 3% (n=3) neglect.

Let us restate the state of affairs of pupils accusing teachers:

  • One in five allegations against school teachers was sexual in nature.
  • One in four allegations against school staff members was sexual.
  • One of two allegations against FE teachers was sexual.

Apart from any other considerations the frequency of sexual allegations is relevant to know, because the data show that the number of resignations, suspensions during the investigative process as well as the numbers of disciplinary proceedings and those of criminal investigations and finally the numbers of criminal cautions or convictions correlate clearly with their percentage.

School staff resignation during the investigation process was uncommon. Just 4% (n=95) of school teachers and 6% (n=85) of non-teaching school staff and over a tenth (11%, n=11) of FE staff resigned.

• approximately a third (31%) of allegations made against school teachers (n=865) and non-teaching staff (n=526) resulted in no further action following the initial referral. For FE teachers this figure was 21% (n=22);
• nearly three-tenths of allegations against school teachers (28%, n=803) and 31% of allegations against non-teaching staff (n=527) invoked disciplinary proceedings. For FE teachers, this was 40% (n=42);
• over a tenth of allegations against school teachers (12%, n=336) and 19% against non-teaching school staff (n=323) resulted in a criminal investigation. Although this figure was higher for FE teachers at 31% (n=33), this is likely to be a reflection of the number of allegations of sexual abuse and the low base number of allegations made against FE teachers.
• 3% of concluded allegations against school teachers (n=88) resulted in a criminal caution or conviction, compared to 5% (n=68) of non-teaching staff and 12% (n=12) of FE college teachers.

The interpretation of the differences seems obvious. Sexual allegations are taken more serious by the authorities than physical, conduct, emotional or neglect allegations. Which, by the same token, means if a student wants to seriously harm a teacher, the best advice for success is to raise a sexual allegation.

The teacher then will be treated as guilty until proven innocent by the school, the police will conduct a criminal investigation, his reputation will be ruined even if he is condoned after months of suspension, and he faces a good chance to be convicted because he cannot prove his innocence, to put it drastically.

A major counter-measure against such effects is the granting of anonymity until an eventual conviction, but it is yet merely planned:

Schools Minister Nick Gibb said: “This research shows why the Coalition Government’s plan to give teachers a legal right to anonymity when allegations are made by pupils is so important. (…)” (Yahoo News)

Until now teachers and school staff have been sent through hell, in other words, and still are.

“Go to hell!” the spoilt angry brat said, and her teacher went. Such is the pattern. Girls rule, teachers drool. Children lord it over adults. Society has turned the natural relation of authority upside down. At home as at school. On tv as in reality. Parents who smack their children are up for prison.

But also parents who are merely accused of any kind of abuse of their children – physical, sexual, conduct, emotional, neglect – risk severe detrimental consequences, including the loss of custody of their children to the child welfare authorities who put them in foster care, or prison for sexual allegations a father cannot disprove.

And the bureaucrats are proud of it. They strut with pride about their campaigns for “children’s rights” and “outlawing violence against children”. Just like they are proud of forbidding little children to blow up balloons. Safety first! Better safe than sorry!

Children have been coaxed into the role of tyrants for such a long time that family therapists have developed the method and programs of “nonviolent resistance” of parents against their violent children, exactly as it sounds, derived from Ghandi’s and others’ nonviolent resistance against political oppression! In Germany, a child psychiatrist has written several mega-sellers beginning with the first title “Why our children become tyrants“.

You’d think it’s a bad joke, if this wasn’t postmodernity and the age of political correctionism where authority just is “not appropriate” unless it is implemented by legislators and governments by forcing parents and teachers to abstain from it.

It takes no genius to understand the consequences of enforced anti-authoritarianism, and the blogger on Sky News above has given a concise diagnosis of the faulty system.


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