Male Teachers under Suspicion in Britain’s Schools

Case 1, an article in the Daily Telegraph:

Supply teacher suspended for giving pupil ride home

Teacher Martin Davis suspended for giving a lift home to a 17-year-old pupil who had forgotten his bus fare.

Martin Davis, 58, thought he was doing a good turn by dropping the boy off but, instead of being praised for making sure the teenager got home safely, he was put under investigation for gross misconduct.

Mr Davis, a maths and science supply teacher for 23 years, is attempting to appeal against the decision by the recruitment agency through which he was employed.

He said: “I still can’t believe what’s happened. I was just trying to do this boy a favour and now I could be out of a job.”

Case 2, from a teacher’s comment:

Yesterday 08:27 AM

I know someone who had to appear before a panel.  Their crime – as a youth worker, not as a teacher – was for hugging an 11 year old girl who had just been beat up in the youth meeting by about 4-5 14 year old girls.The people who stood there and did ZERO to stop him breaking up the fight, and throwing the older girls out of the building, then reported him because he put his arm around the sobbing, hurting girl before calling her parents.He told the panel that if they judged against him they were the perverts, not him.They dropped it all, but to have to go through that is a sad indictment of society.
Case 3, from the same commenter:

Yesterday 08:30 AM

It is amazing how the schools consider their position and your position at the school is above everything.My niece’s boyfriend texted me one summer to thank me for his good A-level results (I taught him for two terms).  I had to explain to the head why a student had my number… because my niece gave it to him.  Her honest response was to ask me if I wondered if it was appropriate to have a teenage girls number on my phone… MY NIECE!!!Go figure.  It goes back to Ed Ball’s comments last year: children are property of the state.  Unfortunately, teachers were / are seen as possessions of the state as well.
Case 4, from another commenter:
My son (aged 18) was on the upper floor of a bus where a young child was wandering about unsupervised by his mother. The bus lurched and the child was about to fall down the stairs. My son sprang up, caught the child and prevented them from falling. The mother then admonished my son for being some sort of pervert!
I have come across lost kids in shopping centres, upset and crying. However, my first thought is should I help or will I come across as some sort of paedophile. If driving home I see one of the neighbours kids walking in the rain I agonise over whether to stop and give them a lift. I am not any sort of pervert, (I am a middle aged bloke who has had two kids and my only concern is their wellbeing), what sort of society have we built where we can’t help a person in need?
“Case” 5, another comment:

Yesterday 06:31 AM

Help! I’m a middle aged man and  live with a 14 year old girl and pick her up from school every day. If that was not enough, in the evenings I sit on her bed while she’s in her pyjamas and ask her how her day has been. I give her a hug and a kiss before turning out her bedroom light.  I have no CRB checks. What happens if somebody should inform the authorities about all of of this? Would she be taken into care and would I be imprisoned? Would it make any difference  if I told them that she was my daughter? If we go on the way we are one day it won’t make any difference.
Case 6:
I remember once being taken aside by the head teacher at my kids primary school. Her tone was pre- apologetic as she explained that due to a  teacher going on maternity leave, and there being a shortage of suitable replacements my Daughter might have to have a ‘Male’  (she pulled one of those professional empathy faces) teacher…and how did I feel about this?
I explained to her in no uncertain terms that I felt very good indeed about it…and told her that anytime I heared people complaining about children’s behaviour nowadays I always reminded them that the first seven years of their education is at the hands of women.
Perhaps a few more blokes on the scene might not be such a bad idea?
She lost the old empathy expression rather rapidly.
The case for common sense:

Yesterday 02:50 AM

The UK has become an insane country by which we should all be embarrassed.

(…) It is the political correctness of the Left and New Labour (which is not of the Left but of the bonkers liberal persuasion) that  insists no one in a position of care can actually genuinely care in a heartfelt of common sense way, just function, just go through the motions and make sure no involvement actually occurs.

It’s very sad that children today cannot have the childhood I had. Yes, we were sometimes slapped and our parents smoked in front of us and we were told to shut up and do as told and not express ourselves, but we were loved and free and looked out for by all and we would NEVER have been left to walk home on our own by anyone with a car going our way because of some horrid rule that assumes all men are bisexual rapists and all teenagers are lying opportunists. Disgusting.

A satirical prophesy:

Yesterday 06:48 AM

When I was young I did walk home alone.  Its part of growing up, judging risks etc, but there’s some sort of American fragile children ethos and mass hysteria permeating society now.  Soon children doing what I did ie walking home will be arrested for presenting a risk to themselves! (and the brand reputation of privatised state schools).  Disgusting,  hmmm!  And the parents let him! Shocking.

This showing the consequences of the state of affairs:

Yesterday 01:22 PM

There are hundreds of cases of teachers and youth workers being suspended over allegations false or otherwise each year.   I have personally met 2 in my ten years including my first boss.
Despite being on balance disproved (the student had done it before which is quite common)  he was out of teaching for a long time and went through hell. The department also suffered quite badly in his absence affecting the other students education.The steps required to avoid this are quite simple and don’t impact on 99% of teaching.  Don’t be in a room alone with a student in a situation where were there an allegation it could be found you had the opportunity to do what was said (i.e no-one else around – closed doors no windows etc. for a long enough period of time).  Also never ever ever let them get in your car with you alone.Many young people have difficulties that cause them to seek attention or behave irrationally.  Making an allegation is one way of getting it on a significant scale.Last time the ‘lift’ situation happened to myself and my colleagues (except it was 12:30 am and the students parents were both working abroad) we paid for a taxi ourselves and two staff members followed in their own car before seeing the student to their front door.It’s not hard.

More cruel reality:

12/02/2011 11:54 PM

All (male) teachers are assumed guilty until proven innocent.  I know one person who was found conclusively beyond the shadow of a doubt innocent of the accusations a 15 year old child had made (the third teacher claims had been made against by this individual) and STILL the head teacher of the school insisted they should be terminated from their contract because being accused meant they looked guilty, and looks are of course everything!

Some light from the East:
Well said! A worrying state of paranoia has developed in western cultures due to the rule of the left.  Why do we have such problems with child discipline when we are afraid to approach them?I work in Russia as a teacher and believe me people, this man would have been praised for being generous for giving a kid a lift.
A solid point:
If he had been a women this would not even be a story. Unfortunately, any man in the UK doing a good turn is judged to have done it for a sexual motive. It’s become a sad, sad, world.

12/02/2011 11:26 PM

The inevitable consequence of western feminism that preaches that all men are rapists and child molesters….
False accusations
For the statistics of false accusations of pupils against teachers in the UK and their censored representation in the media see:

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