50 Black Girls Attack

The Blaze reports:

Marauding Mob of 50 Teen-Aged Girls Beats Down 2 NYC Cops

The Firefighters  from the FDNY opened up on the violent crowd with a “deluge gun”– which is a high-powered, truck-mounted water cannon–finally causing the mob to disperse.

NYPD officers made nine arrests, but two officers were hospitalized in the attack. Police also recovered a starter pistol, which may have been intended to further terrify the original female target of the mob.

The scene unfolded in New York’s Staten Island borough when a mob of 50 young females gathered outside the home of a single young girl and threatened her. Apparently, the girl had been kept home from school for several days because of repeated and vicious bullying, so the bullies came to her doorstep.

The NY Jewish Culture Examiner gets more to the point:

Mob of 50 black teenage girls attacks police in Staten Island

For what it is worth, New York Jewish Culture Examiner believes that blacks are every bit as capable of abiding by laws and functioning within civilization as non-blacks are … and that it’s “racist” (or, more accurately, “bigoted”) to believe otherwise, justify, look the other way, etc. Needless to say, this author does not believe in omitting key details of news stories in order to appeal to silly “sensitivities.”

On August 15, Germantown Patch reports:

(Updated 2:04 p.m.) Montgomery County Police have identified several suspects in connection with an apparent flash mob theft at a 7-Eleven in Germantown late Saturday.

Investigators have released surveillance footage Monday afternoon with hopes of identifying more people.

Nearly 30 people simultaneously entered the 7-Eleven at 13001 Wisteria Drive and stole snacks, police said in a press release Monday. Police said the suspects — some of whom had their faces covered — remained in the store for about a minute before exiting as a group.

While investigators have identified some of the suspects, police have asked that anyone who may recognize any of the suspects in the video to contact the 5th District Investigative Section at 240-773-6200.  Callers may remain anonymous

(Original) Montgomery County Police are investigating a flash mob theft Saturday at a 7-Eleven in Germantown.

More than 20 young people simultaneously entered the convenience store at around 1:30 a.m., leaving with snack items such as candy, soda pop and chips, said Germantown 5th district Cmd. Luther Reynolds.

Apparent surveillance footage obtained by NBC Washington shows a stream of young people — some of the smiling and laughing — entering the convenience store and leaving with out paying.

“To have that many people descend on a store, like a mob mentality, like it’s some kind of joke, I cannot say I’ve ever seen anything like that before,” Reynolds told Patch. “It’s embarrassing to our community.”

Reynolds told Patch that police have already begun to identify suspects. The exact location of the store had not been released because the store’s owner is afraid of being targeted, Reynolds said.

On November 22 The Huffington Post writes:

Police in Maryland investigating a mass shoplifting have released stunning footage of an estimated 50 teenagers ransacking a Silver Spring 7-Eleven location.

Officers who responded to the call around 11:20 p.m on Saturday said that young people congregated in surrounding parking lots quickly scattered upon seeing the police vehicles, NBC Washington reports.

The alleged shoplifters took items such as beverages and snacks, according to WXYZ.

Police said that they stopped six people — each between the ages of 16 and 18 — and found that all had food or drinks, but no receipts.

In August, police encountered a similar incident at a Germantown, Md., 7-Eleven involving nearly two-dozen teenagers simultaneously robbing a convenience store around 1:30 a.m., according to the Germantown Patch.

That incident, along with spiking gang violence among the local youth, added to discussion surrounding legislation proposed by Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett to enact a youth curfew barring anyone under the age of 17 from public spaces between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. The curfew has earned mixed responses, with some criticizing it as misplaced problem solving efforts and a violation of children’s rights.

They are black, and the papers don’t say so.

They are girls, and the papers don’t say it.

9 arrests in wild Staten Island incident, as unruly crowd overruns cops, police say

Teen mob overruns NY cops; firefighters to rescue with ‘deluge’ water cannon

Strange, isn’t it?

This is politically correct self-censoring. Do not tell people that it’s the black youth which acts the criminal mob, people could think it got something to do with the youth being black. Do not tell people that it is girls, people could think what a shame that girls act like one thought only boys would do. Do not tell people it is black girls, people could think that something is deeply wrong with how black girls are reared in today’s America.

Do not tell the facts, people could think about them!

And we do not want people to believe the black families are fucked up completely, unable to raise their children along basic moral principles, letting them grow up into violent criminals.

See also: College Girls’ Violence on the Surge

We do not want people to think that what’s happening is really happening. We do not want people to realize that the liberal and feminist approach to race and sex and the family creates decompensation of morality and produces criminality.

People should not acknowledge that fatherless households breed criminals.

People should not believe that anti-authoritarianism prevents the moral orientation of children.

And most of all people should not reckon that single mothers spoil and neglect their children into becoming sociopaths.

Because this is the terre de femmes, and single mothers are the new heroines. Because women should be allowed to do as they please, and mothers are the only parents needed.

Because men are finished, and fathers are abusers of mothers and children.

Because the male sex is scum, and the female sex is to rule the world.

Because the patriarchy is evil, and the matriarchy is sacred!

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