1 in 4 women say they suffered

The Star Tribune (as many others) writes:

1 in 4 women say they suffered harsh violence at hands of intimate partners, US survey reports

ATLANTA – One in 4 women say they were hit hard, kicked or otherwise violently attacked by their intimate partners, according to a government survey released Wednesday that offers startling findings about domestic violence.

The survey is a new national look at how many women say they’ve been abused and offers some numbers that are higher than previous reports.

One expert called the report’s estimate on rape and attempted rape “extremely high” — with 1 in 5 women saying they were victims. About half of those cases involved intimate partners. But advocates say rape has been vastly underreported in the past and the new numbers are plausible. No documentation was sought to verify the women’s claims, which were made anonymously.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report is based on a randomized telephone survey of about 9,000 women.

It’s a scandal. Only 1 in 7 men say they were hit hard, kicked or otherwise violently attacked by their intimate partners, according to a government survey released last year that offers the usual government findings about domestic violence[1].

Why can’t men dig up the guts to become as expressive as women? The traditional role model is out, hasn’t any body informed them about that? Yes, you are right, whenever men speak up about their suffering they are put to the grinder as whiners and told to gulp it down and act like a man by the women in the comment section of any and all blogs. And made fun of having their dick cut off by a jealous woman, in housewives’ tv shows. But still! Aren’t we supposed to be heros, and shouldn’t we give a shit about any kind of rebuke and rejection?

You are also right, when you remind me of Katherine Heigl expecting us to do just so, the manly act, when she makes a campaign of “I hate balls!” and shows us her husband’s testicles in a preserving bottle in the video. Aren’t we supposed to find this edgy and hilarious?

So I comply. I think it’s edgy and hilarious that survey after survey and government after government keeps the numbers rolling uphill. I’m waiting for the day when we are finally told that more than 100% of women have said they were victims of rape and intimate partner violence.

In the meantime, let’s find ways to expand those outdated limited definitions:

Sexual Violence: Definitions[2]

Sexual violence (SV) is any sexual act that is perpetrated against someone’s will. SV encompasses a range of offenses, including a completed nonconsensual sex act (i.e., rape), an attempted nonconsensual sex act, abusive sexual contact (i.e., unwanted touching), and non-contact sexual abuse (e.g., threatened sexual violence, exhibitionism, verbal sexual harassment). These four types are defined in more detail below. All types involve victims who do not consent, or who are unable to consent or refuse to allow the act.

  • A completed sex act is defined as contact between the penis and the vulva or the penis and the anus involving penetration, however slight; contact between the mouth and penis, vulva, or anus; or penetration of the anal or genital opening of another person by a hand, finger, or other object.
  • An attempted (but not completed) sex act
  • Abusive sexual contact is defined as intentional touching, either directly or through the clothing, of the genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh, or buttocks of any person without his or her consent, or of a person who is unable to consent or refuse.
  • Non-contact sexual abuse does not include physical contact of a sexual nature between the perpetrator and the victim. It includes acts such as voyeurism; intentional exposure of an individual to exhibitionism; unwanted exposure to pornography; verbal or behavioral sexual harassment; threats of sexual violence to accomplish some other end; or taking nude photographs of a sexual nature of another person without his or her consent or knowledge, or of a person who is unable to consent or refuse.


Words or overt actions by a person who is legally or functionally competent to give informed approval, indicating a freely given agreement to have sexual intercourse or sexual contact.

Inability to Consent

A freely given agreement to have sexual intercourse or sexual contact could not occur because of age, illness, disability, being asleep, or the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Inability to Refuse

Disagreement to have sexual intercourse or sexual contact was precluded because of the use or possession of guns or other non-bodily weapons, or due to physical violence, threats of physical violence, real or perceived coercion, intimidation or pressure, or misuse of authority.

Minnesota Public Radio writes:

CDC report reveals new info on frequency of sexual violence

St. Paul, Minn. — Nearly half of Minnesota women experience some kind of sexual abuse, says a new national survey by the Centers for Disease Control.About 22 percent of Minnesota women have been raped in their lifetime, and more than 48 percent of Minnesota women have experienced sexual violence other than rape, the CDC estimates. About a third of Minnesota women have had partners who stalked them or were physically violent, also according to the report. The study also estimated about 24 percent of men in Minnesota have had partners who were sexually violent.

Surveying about 17,000 people nationwide, the report provides first-of-its-kind data that may depict sexual violence more accurately than previous studies, said Patty Wetterling, sexual violence director of the Minnesota Department of Health.

The numbers are much higher than previously reported, Wetterling said. The CDC has expanded the definition of sexual violence, contacted people through both landlines and cell phones, and allowed them to report anonymously, she said.

“I wasn’t surprised. This is what we’re hearing from people. There is a tremendous amount of sexual violence, especially when you include all of the coercive behaviors and non-contact behaviors, which do impact lives tremendously,” Wetterling said.

I’m shocked. 70% of Minnesota women have all my pity, and I pledge to cry about their dire straits should I ever find the time for it.

The most atrocious thing seems to me that only 24% of Minnesota men had the guts to face sexual violent partners. What sissies! Where are all the good men gone? If you don’t dare to deal with a violent partner, how do you think you’ll fare when the Chinese invade the US? Especially given the fact they got a whole lot of women in their troops? For the sake of patriotism, go out and look for a violent broad, tonight! Just do it!

Patty Wetterling, sexual violence director of the Minnesota Department of Health, is my hero. I think she’s just about tremendously right. Because I do believe, there is a tremendous amount of sexual violence, especially when you include all of the coercive behaviors and non-contact behaviors, which do impact lives tremendously.

I am guilty of it myself. I have stared at women’s private and semi-private parts since I was 12. And I could not yet get control over my sexually violent visual behavior. Yes, I am almost ashamed of it, especially for the fact that I never care to look at the old, the fat and the ugly ones. Those 30% left out in Minnesota and probably elsewhere and everywhere.

No one makes them uninvited compliments, not to speak of invited, no one is asking them out, no one sends them frivolous text messages, and worst of all, whatever they put on to let their parts hang out, is of no avail. That can become expensive, too, which adds the dimension of financial sexual violence by visual neglect. We really should make an effort to expand the definitions so that no woman is left behind.

One of the most disgusting traits of men is that they rarely ever try to rape anyone above 25.

Most female victims of completed rape (79.6%) experienced their first rape before the age of 25; 42.2% experienced their first completed rape before the age of 18 years.[1]

Rampant ageism that is, let me state it clearly. There is no excuse for it. And there is truly a field for prevention work. We should start in kindergarden. The boys must learn that a woman does not turn invisible after 25, but that 35 or even 40 is no age today with all the vitamins and botox and silicone implants.

There should also be legal measure be taken. One could think about a discount for rapes of women over 25, so that the choice of victim when you decide to buy one a drink would slide up to the later stages of fertility age, at least.

They do not tell us about the victimization to the crime of pickup by age, but there should be ethics courses in the colleges where the young men are enlightened about the fact that the bitchiness of 30 plus year olds is no christian justification for leaving them out of the game.

I don’t quite miss to understand our last reserve of indigenous blue collar workers. Where is the tradition of free whistling after the gals? I mean from behind you do not really see how old she is, would it be such a strain to show some compassion and try to keep the whistling distributed within a certain expanded age quota? Men’s behavior got to be less discriminatory!


[1] http://www.cdc.gov/ViolencePrevention/pdf/NISVS_Executive_Summary-a.pdf

[2] http://www.cdc.gov/ViolencePrevention/sexualviolence/definitions.html

[3] http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/SV_Surveillance_Definitionsl-2009-a.pdf


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