Orthodox Rabbis’ Declaration On Homophilia

It was about time for some such statement:

Declaration On The Torah Approach To Homosexuality

Societal Developments On Homosexuality

There has been a monumental shift in the secular world’s attitude towards homosexuality over the past few decades. In particular over the past fifteen years there has been a major public campaign to gain acceptance for homosexuality. Legalizing same-sex marriage has become the end goal of the campaign to equate homosexuality with heterosexuality.

A propaganda blitz has been sweeping the world using political tactics to persuade the public about the legitimacy of homosexuality. The media is rife with negative labels implying that one is “hateful” or “homophobic” if they do not accept the homosexual lifestyle as legitimate. This political coercion has silenced many into acquiescence. Unfortunately this attitude has seeped into the Torah community and many have become confused or have accepted the media’s portrayal of this issue. (…)

The policies and legislations to satisfy homosexualist narcissism must not be tolerated as a dominant force in society but strictly rebuked, just as those placating feminist narcissism, or submitting to any other identity groups forcing their entitlement attitude on the public by crying wolf.

How welcome the declaration is, there is an embarrassing aspect of unprofessional and uninformed commentary on its website under the menu link of “Facts about the APA“. In the subtitle of that page it is spelled out as “American Psychological Association”, but in the second paragraph the critical commentary is directed against another APA, the “American Psychiatric Association” and their DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) decision of 1973 to remove homophilia from the list of diagnoses.

Clarifying The Misinformation About Homosexuality
Attributed To The APA – American Psychological Association

  1. According to the APA, as of Dec 2011 there are no scientific findings that a person is born homosexual. “No findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors.”
  2. The 1973 APA decision to remove homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses (DSM) was not based on any new scientific or psychological findings regarding homosexuality. In addition the APA acknowledged that “a significant proportion of homosexuals” can “change their sexual orientation.”

Then again, the same mistake, the second paragraph (with the excerpt) talks about the psychiatric APA:

Fact 4: The political correctness of the APA and its loss of scientific objectivity.

Past APA President, Dr. Nicholas Cummings, testifying how the “APA is politically based rather than scientifically based” as well as “confirming the research that reports that change is possible.”

“In a rousing address, American Psychological Association Past-President Dr. Nicholas Cummings shared his experience from his 60-year career as a psychologist and clinician. Dr. Cummings said that he has always been a champion of gay rights, and during his many years of leadership within the American Psychological Association, he influenced the organization to support many causes, including gay issues.(…)

Dr. Jeffrey Satinover M.D., Ph.D in his book titled: Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth, expands upon how the APA was “driven by politics, not science.”Excerpt from page 32:

“The APA (American Psychiatric Association) vote to normalize homosexuality was driven by politics, not science. Even sympathizers acknowledged this. Ronald Bayer was then a Fellow at the Hastings Institute in New York. He reported how in 1970 the leadership of a homosexual faction within the APA planned a “systematic effort to disrupt the annual meetings of the American Psychiatric Association.”(3) They defended this method of ‘influence’ on the grounds that the APA represented “psychiatry as a social institution” rather than a scientific body or professional guild.”

A mistake which would not be so bad if laypeople made it, but the 157 signatures of the Torah Declaration involve not only rabbis but also 23 mental health professionals, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and social workers (LCSW and LMSW).

The only sensible understanding of the lay ignorance of the existence of the two APAs on the same website with the signatures of the mental health professionals would be the assumption that the declaration was signed before the APA mistake was put on the website.

Still, the overall coordination of the publication and the “Facts about the APA” page compilation were done so unprofessionally that it is a major shame, suggesting the whole project is merely that which the politically powerful demagogic heterophobes and their naive chattel of “tolerant” and “liberal” good doers have always postulated: coming from a spirit of die hard reactionary backwoodish selfrighteousness of people who are out of touch with the secular world of the medical and psychological helping professions and their state-of-the-art knowledge and practices.

I have written them an e-mail to make them aware of their mistake just one day ago, but since the declaration was published on Dec. 26, obviously no mental health professional has given a damn about reading that page of the site so far, or they leave them in their error taking it as a sign of the unqualified and obnoxious character of the whole undertaking, one  the world should have a chance to see and scoff at. The publishers have not yet changed the headlines of the page in critique, nor did they change the subtitles to the  numbered “Facts” in order to correct their neglect and the lay readers confusion about the two different APA organizations appearing to be one and the same.

UPDATE from Dec. 31, 2011

They have – at last and at least – corrected the misleading headline on the page (though not in the link on the menu):

End of Update.

Despite of the above exhibition of ignorance or at least carelessness on the side of the publishers of the Torah Declaration website, the critique against the dealing of both APAs with the issue since the early 70ies is justified and to be expressed adamantly. There is basically nothing else than political and moralistic propaganda in order to pressure the public and policy makers to treat heterophobes as anything but phobic or in any way personally or sexually disordered. It has nothing to do with psychological or psychiatric science or expertise nor with psychotherapeutic views or ethics. The homo-lobby lobbied massively relying on moral blackmail, and the psychiatrists as well as the psychologists and psychotherapists just gave in to the pressure – which is symptomatic for these professions’ deficit in moral independence and ethical autonomy when faced with the victim-appeal.

As psychiatry is given automatic credit for relying on scientific principles and methods the public would not doubt, or even question the true reasons for, the deleting of homophilia from the catalogue of sexual pathologies. And when psychiatrists officially stop diagnosing something, psychologists adapt to it automatically, for fear of being left as the bad guys, the reactionaries, the ones dishing out labels which “stigmatize” those poor people who have been suffering from the prejudice and hostility of the general public all that time anyway.

A taboo against terms like abnormal, perverted, disturbed, disordered, neurotic, pathological was established and has been preached, decreed and legislated ever since.

Thought crime, speech crime, political crime, these are the categories to be applied. The term justifying ideological governance and coercion of the people is discrimination as the negative, the sin, the criminal offense, and equal treatment as the positive, the virtue, the civil duty.

Homophiles are categorized as if they were a race, an ethnic group to be protected against discrimination and required to be treated just like the other race, the heterosexual one. And “bisexuals” are yet another race, sexual identity pretenders (so-called transgendered) the next.

What a joke! But a bitter one. Religious freedom, freedom of conscience? Punishable!


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