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Nur Männer können in Indien wegen Ehebruchs vor Gericht gestellt werden

Aus The Hindu:

“The mere fact that the appellant is a woman makes her completely immune to the charge of adultery, and she cannot be proceeded against is evident from a plain reading of Section 497…”

“Die bloße Tatsache, daß die Berufungskägerin eine Frau ist macht sie gegen einen Vorwurf des Ehebruchs vollständig immun, und es kann gegen sie nicht vorgegangen werden, ergibt sich aus einer einfachen Lektüre von Abschnitt 497 …”

Eine Ehefrau hat eine angebliche Rivalin wegen Ehebruchs angezeigt. Die hat gegen die Zulassung der Klage Berufung eingelegt und recht bekommen – mit der Begründung oben.

Nur Männer können in Indien wegen Ehebruchs vor Gericht gestellt werden.

Drunk Cuties May Grope Men without Jailtime

The Daily Mail reports:

A Teacher who grabbed a flight attendant’s groin and demanded sex after downing almost a pint of whisky was spared jail yesterday so she can keep her job.

Katherine Goldberg, 25, groped the airline steward during a flight from Johannesburg to London.

Goldberg was given a community order after the judge was told any prison sentence would mean she would not be allowed to teach again.

In court: Katherine Goldberg avoided a jail sentence despite admitting to sexually assaulting an air steward during a return flight to the UKIn court: Katherine Goldberg avoided a jail sentence despite admitting to sexually assaulting an air steward during a return flight to the UK

In mitigation, Isleworth Crown Court was told that Goldberg from Ealing, west London was convinced that the man was her boyfriend as a result of her ‘alcohol-induced illusion’.

‘I would be wrong to impose a lifetime punishment by preventing you working in a profession where you clearly have talent,’ said Judge Andrew McDowall at Isleworth Crown Court, West London.

A prison sentence or a community order longer than 12 months would have meant Goldberg would have had to sign the sex offender register – meaning she could not work with children.

Read the commentaries: best rated and worst rated!

The preferential treatment of women in courts is widely out of fashion among the readers of the Daily Mail, I guess.

Fast Company In The Wake of SCUM

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Sirene, geben Sie Gedankenfreiheit!

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Internationaler Männertag am 19. November

Demonstration von Männern in Indien:

Mumbai: “Indian male – hapless animal”; “women empowered men unpowered”; “husband not an ATM machine”, “options for Indian male – be henpecked or handcuffed”… these are some of the messages flashed on placards by members of various organisations who had gathered at Azad Maidan on the occasion of International Men’s Day on Thursday, to raise their voice against the perceived harassment of men at the hands of the Indian judicial system. (DNA)

via Glenn Sacks

Demonstration von Patriphobie in den USA:

When confronted with the threat of a father talking to a teacher about his kindergarten-age child, and moreover a father who might have seemed agitated and who had left the premises, Dr. Smock took action.  He “locked down” the school, took the children out of classes and placed them all in the gymnasium.  He called the police, the K-9 Korps and the fire department.  The police called the Emergency Response Team.  They in turn blocked off the streets immediately surrounding the school.  Residents huddled in their houses afraid to set foot outdoors, as police officers swarmed over the buildings, grounds and rooftops, pistols unholstered and held aloft.

Demonstration der Grausamkeit gegen die Kinder und Väter (GB):

  • One in three children whose parents separated or divorced over the last 20 years disclosed that they had lost contact permanently with their father;
  • Almost a tenth of children from broken families said the acrimonious process had left them feeling suicidal while others later sought solace in drink, drugs or crime;

Demonstration der Grausamkeit der Mütter (GB):

[O]ne in five divorcing spouses admitted to having the primary objective of making the experience as unpleasant as possible for his or her former partner.

Parenthetically, I wonder what all those people who deny the existence of parental alienation of children have to say about that.  When 20% cite that very thing as their “primary objective” post-divorce, it’s hard to figure how they can pretend parental alienation is a figment of some evil FRA’s imagination.  My guess is that we’ll never know since they’ll probably give that datum a pass.

And given that it’s fathers, not mothers whom children are losing, and it’s mothers, not fathers who get primary custody in 85% – 90% of cases, it’s not hard to figure out who’s doing most of the alienating.

‘She’s a male hater’

That’s what harassed husbands claimed when feminist author Eve Ensler refused to meet them after a long wait of 5 hours

I Am An Emotional Creature, the latest play by American playwright Eve Ensler, of Vagina Monologues fame may have touched a chord with the city’s women but the city’s harassed husbands are angry at the way it portrays men.

They waited for five hours on Sunday at Kyra Theatre and Restaurant in Indiranagar where the play was being performed so they could meet Ensler and air their grievances, but it was in vain as Ensler refused to meet them.

Undaunted, activists of the Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) distributed pamphlets explaining how women misuse Sec. 498 (A) (cruelty to women by husband and his relatives) and commit atrocities against men.

( via mensactivism)

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