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Britons Comment Against Feminist Politics

In the Telegraph:

Giving divorced dads more rights could be ‘dangerous’, Ken Clarke says

In the Daily Mail:

City in backlash over PM’s plan to put more women on boards as Cameron refuses to rule out ‘golden skirt’ quotas

Look at best rated comments!

Die Presse für Leserinnen

Bürgerinnen retten Gföhl vor Buddhistinnen

Ortschef Simlinger, der für das Vorhaben eingetreten war, teilte im Hinblick auf die Wahlbeteiligung mit, er “begrüße die demokratische Reife der Bürgerinnen”. Die Entscheidung des Volkes sei zur Kenntnis zu nehmen, denn “die Menschen haben immer Recht”. (Die Presse, 12. 2. 2012)

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College Girls’ Violence on the Surge

The Washington Post writes:

Violent incidents involving female students surge on campuses, in schools, authorities say

A female Frostburg State University student intervenes in an altercation at an off-campus party and gets slashed by a woman hosting the celebration, authorities say. Two Bowie State University suitemates spar over music, and one woman cuts the other’s throat. Female roommates at Howard University argue in the kitchen, and one throws a pot of hot water at the other.Violent episodes between females are on the rise, authorities said, on playgrounds, in high school hallways and on college campuses across the country, where at least four women have been charged with killing female students since March. The violence is manifesting in an increased number of random assaults, group fights, flash-mob crimes and vicious one-on-one attacks, including the killings at Frostburg State on Nov. 6 and at Bowie State in September.

A Straightforward Criminal Split

The Daily Mail writes:

The rise of manimony: Meet the women making huge sacrifices to pay thousands in alimony to their former husbands

By Clare Goldwin


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Canadian Feminist Gets the F-Word

An article in the Canadian Globe and Mail says

It’s time boys learn the F-word

but not so the majority of the more than 500 comments. They’d rather give the feminist male author – insofar as that combination is not actually an oxymoron – the much older and time-tested f-word that leaves no doubt about the message.

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Girl Discovers the Military is No Beauty Spa

Based on an article in the Norwegian paper The Local:

30 young men forced to take off clothes in front of female labour representative

On a September evening, the platoon leader gave the order that everyone should bathe naked together.

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Special Needs Employees with BWV Syndrome

Give me credit and check out this article on The Dickhead[1] aka The Spearhead:

Special needs employees

The Spearhead doesn’t normally cover business related topics, but I saw an article on this issue recently on and this is too important not to cover.  The article covers the special needs of employees suffering from BWV syndrome*.


*BWV is a genetic condition and those who have it must deal with it their entire lives.  In the past many employers avoided hiring people with the condition, or limited them to positions which didn’t cause them undue stress.

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Wife Shot Husband 11 Times and Got Aquitted on the Grounds of Battered Woman Syndrome

But the jury had second thoughts after all. So she got 5 years for illegal possession of a weapon. No, it’s no joke. Wrote the N.Y.T. on October 13, 2011:

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Wie feminarisiert man die Universitäten?

Feminarierquote: Antworten auf den Ehrgeizmangel der Frauen

Je höher die Position im Uni-Betrieb, desto geringer der Frauenanteil. Die Universitätenkonferenz diskutiert nun Wege (auch) abseits der Feminarierquote, um die Ungleichbehandlung von Wissenschaftlern zu forcieren.

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“Legalize It” fordern kalifornische Ärzte

Aus den Nachrichten der IACM (copy&paste):

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Polizei schnappt mordlustigen Ehemann

Aus der heiteren Kriminalberichterstattung:

2000 Euro war ihm der Tod der Ehefrau wert: Ein 50-Jähriger aus Odenwaldkreis beauftragte drei Killer, seine Gattin zu töten. Es war nicht der erste Mordversuch.

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How Pride Denies the Reality of Sex Appeal

Mini-skirts should not provoke rapists, claim slutwalk inspired women and protest police warning of a series of attacks on scantily clad victims.

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Equal Schmäh Day: 4. Okt. 2011

[Schmäh: österreichisch/wienerisch für Charme, gerissen-charmanter Humor]

Es gibt die verschiedensten Schätzungen über die Weite des Klaffens der Humorschere, aber alle sind sich darüber einig, daß sie unaufhaltsam zunimmt. Doch das Humordefizit muß nicht sein.

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Umerziehung: aktuell und prinzipiell

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The Rape Racket and the Insects of the Occident

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Die eskalierende Selbstherrlichkeit der Politik

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Bible readings are offensive material?

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Datenschützer: Löschen Sie Facebook-Fanpages!

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`Slut Walk´critic and female supremacist

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Zwei Kopfschüsse – Na und?

… a society living under the rule of gender rather than a society living under the rule of law

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