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Monstrous Misandry Made by Verizon passes on the information from SAVE. There is their press release. Look at the video and see for yourself!

To protest and ask for correction, e-mail Bob Varettoni, Executive Director of Media Relations:

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  • Why are Men’s Rights attracting so little support?
  • How to get banned really fast, and other useful tips
  • Chris Rock laying down the truth about the value of men in society
  • If the pay gap is largely accounted for by women's tendency to choose careers that pay less and take time off work due to pregnancy, and women are the only member in a heterosexual couple that is allowed to determine if a pregnancy goes to term...then why is the pay gap considered the doing of men?
  • Johnny Depp makes surprise appearance at London's High Court as he sues The Sun over column branding him a 'wife-beater'
  • Goofy was a single Dad.
  • Even more Guardian misandry- Men should never be believed in rape cases, women should always be believed.
  • In another episode of women are oppressed, Serial drunk driver spared jail because she’s a woman. She was given a chance to avoid prison time by Judge Sarah Buckingham, who said: “if Miss Parry was a man, there is no question it would have been straight down the stairs”.
  • Guilty of Being Male
  • Reddit added a "men's health section" alongside woman's health. This is a very important step towards equality.