Moms Not Pimping 7-year Old Daughters

I do not expect you to watch for more than a few seconds, unless you are an expert in purposeful self-desensitation or have meditated enough to switch to the witness state at will.

And afterwards, when you think this is equivalent to child-pornography? Although in reality it  electrifies the audience at the World of Dance competition in Pomona, California, with  precociousness and advanced skills? Although it is inspired, cheerful, high-octane and merry? Can’t you read the description below the clip on youtube?

You must be a closet pedophile, that’s evident. Because, first of all, it’s the mothers who are having the 7 and 8 years old girls perform like that, and it’s American Mothers (aka Moms) everyone knows are wholesome and healthy churchgoers. Secondly, no American TV-channel would ever dare to broadcast entertainment for pedophiles, as the American Dollar trusts in God.

You might instead turn yourself in to the police and apply for an entry in the sex-offender registry, just in case. After all you wouldn’t want to keep your neighbors at risk, uninformed about you as they still are!


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