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Die Ewigmorgigen

Heute haben wir die e.urische Diktatur, damit wir morgen die e.urische Demokratie haben können. Heute schimpfen sie diejenigen, die gegen den Anschluß sind, Ewiggestrige. Denn nationale Souveränität, sprich Freiheit, ist reaktionär. Der Markt soll herrschen, als Kaiser, als absoluter Monarch. Nein, er tut’s schon, dafür haben sie gesorgt und sie stehen dazu. Ja, der Markt, der mit der unsichtbaren Hand, die, Gott und den Menschen himmelhoch überlegen, Gerechtigkeit schafft, gleich nach dem Wohlstand.

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Hillary Clinton Laughing About War and Murder

Drunk? Of course, drunk with power.

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  • Men arent allowed to sit Comfortably (So they dont crush their Balls) because she feels shes more entitled to Chair Space than men. Shes even been given an Award for it! Had a Chair been made to stop Fat people overflowing onto other Chairs, there would be an Uproar!
  • Female teacher has sex with 13 year old male student. Her attorney paints her as the victim, putting all the blame on the 13 year old. “He was very aggressive and obsessed.” That’s something that pedophiles will claim all the time. Could you imagine the outrage if the genders were reversed?
  • As long men are working at jobs that are likely to kill them an 92% of the time Feminists are willing to work as fashion writers and bloggers. Seems fair.
  • The idealized male image causing Muscle Dysmorphic Disorder, and Eating Disorders. Nice to see it get coverage.
  • You're not empowered but the abuser
  • Some parts of feminism are more of a mental disorder than anything else
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