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Präpotentia Tussiformis

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Women commit 20 percent of sexual child abuse

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Die offene Rede und ihre Feinde

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Frauen holen im Mädchenhandel auf: 51,5 Prozent

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Die F-Innen durchschauen Breivik

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More penis-attackers

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Sicherheit unter der Bedingung der Freiheit – und basta!

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  • Where to donate?
  • Activist Opportunity / US Edu Official Forced to Apologise for Telling the Truth about Campus Rape
  • Court rules man pay $65,000 of child support to the mother of a teenage girl he's only met once even though he is NOT the father
  • Each year, International Men’s day comes around. But such is the hatred of men in the popular culture that major news outlets ask questions like “Is International Men’s day needed?”
  • Just your daily reminder that you can never make feminists happy, they're too skilled at twisting everything into "women are oppressed"
  • Scientific paper contradicts the "men need to talk about their feelings more" narrative, showing instead that self-control is what actually protects men from stress.
  • Just a reminder that this is the top post of r/feminism...
  • Female over in /r/confession has poked holes in her boyfriend's condoms to secretly conceive his baby and is planning to force child support from him if he leaves her. Men who've done this have been prosecuted for sexual assault and worse. Can someone forward this to law enforcement?
  • My online-police training says Men can be fined for not assisting officers in the apprehension of criminals, without mention of women.
  • Apparently women think it's ok to murder their babies because of "Mah hormones"