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Präpotentia Tussiformis

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Women commit 20 percent of sexual child abuse

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Die offene Rede und ihre Feinde

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Frauen holen im Mädchenhandel auf: 51,5 Prozent

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Die F-Innen durchschauen Breivik

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More penis-attackers

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Sicherheit unter der Bedingung der Freiheit – und basta!

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  • Messages for Men in the UK: Event in London on 18th November
  • The Future is Equal
  • 4 or 5 years ago, R&B singer Omarion got circumcised for his girlfriend. 2 years ago, they broke up. Relationships are temporary but genital mutilation lasts forever.
  • International Men's Day is Nov 19.
  • Hipocracy, we can not say anything.
  • Creative director (a lesbian) Jo Wallace, vows to "obliterate" agency’s white, British, straight men at diversity event. Straight men go to HR to complain. They are made redundant
  • 'Snowflake' student union president who threatened to paint over war memorial becasue it featured white men returns to work a day after Armistice Day despite facing growing pressure to resign from her outraged peers
  • With Title IX complaint, University of Minnesota female-only scholarships become gender-neutral
  • Women's March Stripped of Human Rights Award for Its Blatant Antisemitism
  • Female-only university posts set to be challenged in courts